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674 - Heroic Paragons 25man

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1. The timers and emphasize for blood are very inaccurate

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Skeer will hold onto bloodletting and the timers countdowns are way off by up to 10 seconds.  I will say that your bloodletting timer is off 85% percent of the time.  I specifically switched from DBM for this fight, for a cleaner interface and less spam.  Unfortunately the timers and emphasize are way off on bloodletting.  AIM targets work great and all other timers seem on point.

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    No response, closed.

  • Avatar of Maat Maat Nov 05, 2013 at 11:39 UTC - 0 likes

    My guild kills Skeer the Bloodseeker right after the 2nd bloodletting, so I don't have long enough logs to confirm any timers. World of logs still don't mark logs correctly for paragons, so digging through logs there is a bit difficult too.

    According to my older logs the ability has a cooldown, not an exact timer. That is correctly indicated in BW too. If there was a fix that changed the timer to be always around 47 sec then I can not verify it, because as I said, the boss does not live long enough for us.

    Could you by any chance provide logs (WoL link should be fine too)?

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