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Sample 1

BigRed is a tiny addon that lets you customize your game error messages. Not Lua errors, mind you, but game errors - things like "out of range" and "not enough energy." It offers the following features:

- choose your font!
- move the messages
- adjust the maximum number of messages to show
- throttle the messages
- set the justification
- adjust the text color color

By default, you should barely notice this addon - it imitates the default error frame, with subtle improvements. To customize the appearance, type /bigred.

Clean up those hideous big red lines of text from the middle of your otherwise-sexy UI!

If you have any suggestions, leave 'em here, but I do not intend to expand the pleasantly limited scope of the addon significantly. Please leave questions, comments, etc. as well. I would especially appreciate bug reports.

New in 2.0: I've removed the GUI sliders for fade time and fade percent. These were really debugging tools that got left in. BigRed will still honor your old settings here, and if you are truly determined, you can use BigRed:SetFadePercent and BigRed:SetFadeTime to tweak them. There is also a new width slider that allows you to constrict the area in which the messages are displayed; any messages exceeding this area are elided.

Note that a recent patch applied a hideous hack to UI_ERROR_MESSAGE. Instead of implementing throttling in UIErrorsFrame, where it belongs, they've made it so that *some* error messages don't consistently trigger events. There's nothing I can do about this, and it's a problem with the stock error frames, too. Sorry.

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Date created
Feb 06, 2009
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Nov 27, 2010
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