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For Programmers:
BlackBox is an example of the API's new Animation system in 3.1 in pure Lua. A simplified look at how to code these fascinating animations, showing how to parent/child the AnimationGroup and Animation widgets and how to make them spring to life with a few attributes and widget handlers. Also riddled with notes to explain what the hell each line of code does.

For Non-Programmers:
The BlackBox darts away from your mouse cursor! Whoa! And provides HOURS of wholesome entertainment for the whole family! BlackBox quests include: "Uncovering the mysteries of where the BlackBox will run to next.", "Beating the BlackBox to the punch! Can your mouse cursor really out-slide the BlackBox?", and "Solving the riddle of how to turn the damn thing off."

Going out on limb here, but... The BlackBox mod may actually improve hand-eye coordination for using a mouse. Extended use however, is not recommended, side effects may include: Short term memory loss, loss of cognitive function, fatigue and (but not limited to) eye circles, and possibly vertigo.

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May 28, 2009
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May 28, 2009
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