Bloody Mask

This project is abandoned.

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Bloody Mask

Simulates Metro's Gas Mask effects based on your character's actions.


  • Cracking glass effect with sound, based on your health.
  • Extra effect when you are a ghost.
  • Blood splatters on the screen when you crit on your target.

Feautes in the future

  • Other effects like poison/rain/mud based on your debuffs/zone's weather/character's location.
  • Wipe the blood/poison/rain/mud off your screen with a macro/keybind.
  • Prevent wiping when the player is stunned/feared/cycloned/hexed.
  • Ability to take the mask on/off with a macro/keybind, aka disable the addon.
  • Option to change the color and the opacity of the glass or the blood.
  • Blood color based on target's race. (Green for undead, purple for dranei, etc.)
  • Fully configurable GUI menu to set, enable or disable pretty much anything.

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Jun 09, 2013
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Jul 08, 2013
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