BobUI core

Change log

5.3.7 fixed auto repair and trash sell moved test.lua to misc folder

config changes: changed cfg.AutoSellGreys, cfg.AutoRepair, cfg.guildRepair, cfg.guildOnlyRaid, cfg.printMessage to cfg.automate this not includes all the prior features

5.3.6 toc bump Optimized chat fixed a few errors as well. BobUI has a new feature to take a screenshot when you get an achievement

config changes: new config variable cfg.autoshot default is set to true

5.3.4 Added Group/Raid check to announcements (you can now stop apologizing for spamming the chat box) Incorporated a new Pull countdown type /inc or /inc # more detailes in feature listing (channel matches announcements) fixed channel bug for announcements Removed the unused auction.lua file

5.3.3 Resized Bag Frame so it lines up with minimap a bit better Added a Role Check auto select for role (you have to select the first time after that it auto accepts) Corrected a buf with Group Tabs on raid/party frames showing. BobUI can now auto accept greed/need.disenchant rolls confirmations this is baked into the cfg.AutoConfirmRoll Loot frames now kinda work a bit better Corrected Target of Target/focus target border bugs

config changes: cfg.AutoConfirmRoll now handles need/greed/de

5.3.2 Fixed texture for Target of Target and focus target frames Fixed bank for classic style bags Aurora skin now skins bank for classic bags

config changes: Defaulted Config for classic bags

5.3.1 release


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Sep 30, 2013
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  • 5.4.0
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