This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

If you wish to take this project over, please report it and state your intentions.

In Action

Gives a display of 9 buttons. Each button will cast it's assinged spell. the first three button are Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath. The button for Starsurge "lights up" when shooting stars procs and it will track the cooldown until you are able to cast it next. the second three buttons are Moonfire/Sunfire, Fairie Fire, and Insect Swarm. Each icon tracks wether or not the debuff is active on your current target, and if say Insect Swarm wasn't on yer cruent target, it's button would light up. Further, it will track how long until the debuff will expire on yer target and lights up again when it expires. the last two buttons just allow you to cast Wild Mushrooms, Force of Nature, and Detonate.

Also includes spells for Feral, and Restoration

Slash Commands are as follows:

"/boomy" = To enter config mode. (right click the bar to bring up the config menu)
"/boomy o" = opens the main configuration menu.
'/kb' or "/keybound" = to enter keybinding mode.

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Date created
Jun 18, 2011
Last update
Apr 01, 2012
Development stage
Public Domain
Recent files
  • R: 8.2 for 4.3.3 Apr 01, 2012
  • R: 8.1 for 4.3.0 Mar 27, 2012
  • R: 8 for 4.3.0 Mar 21, 2012
  • R: 7.5 for 4.3.0 Dec 05, 2011
  • R: 7 for 4.2.0 Oct 21, 2011