BossInfo is an addon used to provide a simple overview of Boss fights and encounters. The information is broken down into section for Tanks, Healers and DPS.

Information is written for the Heroic Version of Instances and the Looking for Raid Version of Raids.

Using Bossinfo to see Boss Encounter Information is easy. Simply choose a Boss from the pull down menu or target the Boss and press the Target Button.

BossInfo also has the ability to send an overview of the Boss Encounter to your Party/Raid/Instance Group. Simply choose the Boss from the menu or target the Boss and press the Target button and then press the Party Button to send the overview to chat.

To access the addon, simply click on the icon; or use the slash commands /bi or /bossinfo

You can now click 'About' and then 'Party' to send a message to your party, telling them where they can download Bossinfo :)

All Feedback and Suggestions are Welcome.

[email protected]

Recently Added

Version 1.8 (12/1/14)

- Bug Fixes.

- Right Click BossInfo button with a boss targeted to open BossInfo to that Target.

- You can now press Escape to close the BossInfo window.

Version 1.7 (12/1/14)

- Moved the About Button to the top.

- Added Next button where About used to be.

- Next button can be used to show the next Boss in the instance without having to go find them on the menu.

- Changed the order of some of the menu items to line up with the order of bosses in the instances.

- Fixed the Target button for bosses that have multiple bosses.

Version 1.6 (11/29/14)

-Fixed improper names displayed when sending info to party in Upper Blackrock Spire

Version 1.5 (11/26/14)

- Updated for 6.0.3

- Added Bloodmaul Slag Mine
- Added Iron Docks
- Added Skyreach
- Added Auchindoun
- Added Grimrail Depot
- Added Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
- Added The Everbloom
- Added Upper Blackrock Spire
- Added Blackrock Foundry
- Added Highmaul

- WOD dungeon encounter information is linked directly to the Dungeon Journal. Kind of lazy, I know, but the details they provide and very useful.

- Removed the ability to hide Tank, Healer, DPS sections. This part of the code was causing problems. If people really miss it, I'll look at adding it back.

- No information for Mysts of Pandaria. I didn't play much during this expansion. Adding all the old strategies at this point is not something I feel like doing. I'll probably get around to it someday. In the meantime, if anyone has strategies they want to share, email them to me through curse and I will add them.

- When you announce the information to the party, it will now send the information to the correct chat (Party, Raid, LFG, LFR, Instance Chat). If you are not in a party, it posts it in Say.

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