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NRB-Boss Macro #1-selected(3)

BossMacros's purpose is to assign your macros to actionbuttons before a boss fight begins. It also lets you create macros for every boss which are swapped so that you can have an unlimited number of macros. You can see all macros of all your characters on all realms (on boss basis).

The user interface is written as a BossNotes provider module and therefore currently requires you to have BossNotes installed.

For an early boss detection BossMacros hooks into BigWigs or DXE. DBM has not such a feature and so you have to detect the boss yourself (via BossNotes).

In addition to your normal macros, you can create Boss Macros, which can only be edited, when an encounter is selected first. So open BossNotes and select ICC/Gunship Battle, then click on "Boss Macro #1". This will open Blizzard's Macro UI and you can type your commands like '/use Goblin Rocket Pack'. If you select another encounter and switch back later your "Boss Macro #1" will have that command again.

If you have a universal macro, which you want to use for several encounters, you should not convert it into a Boss Macro. Just pick it up from the Macro UI and drag it into BossNotes. Now it is linked to this encounter. Do so for other encounters.

Normal and Boss Macros can be dragged to your actionbar. The button is saved and whenever the encounter is selected you'll find that macro on that button.

The selection is also done automatically, if you hover over a boss with your mouse or if one of your teammates hovers over a boss and both of you have BigWigs installed.

If the selection replaces a macro on an actionbutton then the next selection will restore your former assignment. So you can have a default macro on that button, which holds special macros for specific encounters.

Known issues:

  • As soon as the upper part of the window requires BossNotes to display a scrollbar at the right, BossNotes crashes. - Fixed in 1.2.1

Changed behaviour of BigWigs and BossNotes:

If you see BigWigs or BossNotes crashing, please deactivate BossMacros and try again before opening tickets or complaining there.

  • BigWigs's code when your raid begins a fight is modified.
  • BossNotes normally will not let a provider see the select click.
  • BossNotes normally selects different zones/encounters for the following npcs/bosses:
InstanceNPC/BossOriginal zoneChanged toComment
ICCRimefang, Spinestalker, Frostwarden Handler, Frostwing WhelpICCSindragosa
ICCZafod BoomboxGunship battle
ICCMuradinSaurfangthis lets BossNotes select Saurfang at the entrance
ICCHealing Stream Totem IXICCremoved
UlduarJormungar Behemoth, Runic ColossusUlduarThorim

P.S. The other image might be interesting for other developers. It is explained on my Tortoise-SVN page.

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