Broker: Guild XP Bar

Broker: Guild XP Bar v1.4 r013

Change log

Update Version 1.4 r013:

  • fixed miscalculation in history (used minutes instead of seconds)
  • fixed problem with refreshing after option changes

Update Version 1.4 r012:

  • whole bunch of adjustments to make the addon work properly again
  • bumped toc to 50400

Version 1.4 r011:

  • added korean localization (thanks next96)
  • minor adjustments

Update Version 1.4 r010:

  • modularized addon
  • some code cleanup
  • moved some generic functionality to namespace functions
  • upgraded .toc to 50300

Update Version 1.3 r009:

  • fixing some calculations for now missing daily xp values
  • fixing interface output for missing daily xp and player contributions
  • history functions you expect to return a numeric value now always will
  • updating libs

Update Version 1.3 r008:

  • fixed bug in text colorization function
  • fixed bug with now missing daily/weekly xp in UnitGetGuildXP in history
  • fixed taint issue caused by using global _ variable

Update Version 1.3 r007:

  • hotfix for UnitGetGuildXP (no change has been documented for this WoW API function but right now it returns nil only for daily, max daily, unit weekly and unit total xp)

Update Version 1.3 r006:

  • fixed problem with UnitGetGuildXP which now returns nil instead of 0 if not in a guild
  • internal text coloring now supports nested colors
  • updated libraries
  • updated toc to 50001

Update Version 1.3 r005:

  • added option to display current xp/rep progress on the respective bars
  • added option to display text on mouse-over only
  • added font and font size option for bar text

Update r004:

  • new option to display ticks indicating progress steps on bar
  • redesigning tooltip (information, coloring, extend/collapse history info via +/- button)
  • fixing bug with check for guild membership sometimes causing the bar to be shown/hidden when not appropriate (cause: after relog the server provides cached guild data)

Update v1.1 r003:

  • major code cleanup and refactoring
  • new feature: set textures for bars (using LibSharedMedia and SharedMedia)
  • bar thickness can now be up to 32px (max of 8px was a bit small to use with most textures)
  • spark halo scales much slower with bar thickness now
  • fixed bug with spark size in vertical layout
  • reduced spark overlap at the end of xp and rep bar so it does show the actual progress more accurate
  • updated LibJostle and LibCrayon to most recent version
  • minor bugfixes


Uploaded on
Nov 19, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.1
216.4 KiB