Broker: Raid Finder

Broker: Raid Finder v1.2 r021

Change log

Update Version 1.2 r021:

* fixed saving of keywords
* added raid Siege of Orgrimmar
* added world bosses The Four Celetials and Ordos
* upgraded toc to 50400

Update Version 1.2 r020.1:

* included Forwarder and ForwardingTracker plugin missing in last update

Update Version 1.2 r020:

* added toast notifications using LibToast

Update Version 1.2 r019:

* cleaned up register/unregister of option module events
* activated scrolling support for tooltip
* fixed broken variable references in options
* added heroic scenario as custom search

Update Version 1.2 r018:

* encapsulated options, tooltip, minimap button and data broker display as modules
* some code cleanup
* moved check for remote hits from comm module to main addon
* moved some generic functionality to namespace functions
* upgraded .toc to 50300

Update Version 1.2 r017:

* added Nalak
* added proper instance lookup function and instance iterator
* added instance check for remotely requested instances

Update Version 1.2 r016:

* really, really removed LibBabbleZone this time
* added new options to monitor say and yell chat (options section "Monitoring")
* added support to search for rated battlegrounds and challenge modes
* corrected sorting of expansions in tooltip (again)

Update Version 1.2 r015:

* added Ooondasta
* added missing Trial of the Crusader
* remvoved the Nexus
* adjusted some keywords
* removed deprecated LibBabbleZone
* implemented translations for zones, mobs and expansions

Update Version 1.2 r014:

* major code cleanup, bugfixes and performance optimizations
* restructured using modules and 'classes'


* improvements for initial partner handshake for addon communication
* added support for Sha of Anger, Galleon and Throne of Thunder
* added support for custom keywords
* adjusted several keyword lists
* encapsulated plugin interface
* adjusted some german translations

Broker Forwarder:

* adopted new Broker: Raid Finder plugin interface
* adjusted tooltip and label texts to be more informative
* improved initial startup check for addon channel

Broker Forwarding Tracker:

* adopted new Broker: Raid Finder plugin interface
* added timeout tracking when forwarder channel owner is probably out of town
* better plugin state classification more messages to describe state
  (i.e. no sender available, tracking timeout etc.)

Update Version 1.1 r013:

* added MoP raids
* in options using 'header' to seperate expansions for raids

Update Version 1.1 r012:

* fixed raid unit name mapping due to new GetNumGroupMembers

Update Version 1.1 r011:

* fixed bug in text colorization function
* fixed taint issue caused by using global _ variable

Update Version 1.1 r010:

* adjustments due to WoW API changes
* internal text coloring now supports nested colors
* updated libraries
* updated toc to 50001

Update Version 1.1 r009:

* fixed broken sound notification

Update Version 1.1 r008:

* fixed storage location for instance matches from 'faction' to 'factionrealm'
* some code reorganization

Update r007a:

* fixed bug in BRF_Forwarder which was joining a fallback channel if player already is in the BRFForwarder channel (for example after /reloadui)

Update r007:

* reduced usage of LibWho by getting class by guid when possible
* storing class of author together with messages
* removed unnecessary registering messages of plug-ins from chat frames

Update r006:

* addedd plug-in support to extend addon functionality
* added plugin BRF Forwarder: Forwards LFG messages to all users of the plugin so they can track raid offers as long as one of them is in a major city.
* added plugin BRF Forwarding Tracker: Keeps track of messages forwarded by LFGForwarder and TradeForwarder and feeds them to the addon.
* new option 'Message Filters' - Applies chat filters such as spam filters introduced by other addons before processing messages
* new option 'Filter Matches' - Removes matches made by the addon from being shown in the chat windows.
* skipping all UIDropDownMenu_* functions during combat to avoid tainting problems (doesn't seem to help much)
* cleanup code

Update 005:

* clickable tooltips to activate/deactivate monitoring
* adjusted tooltip colors (gray - not tracked; blue - tracked, but no matches; green - tracked and matches; red - instance saved)
* adjusted handling of chat and debug output
* fixed version printout
* updated keywords for EoE

Update r004:

* fixed an occasional problem with timestamps in log window
* updated some keywords for english localization

Update r003:

* fixed error when (de-)activating "Exclude Saved Raids" option
* updating broker label on server connect/disconnect
* minor fixes

Update r002:

* added missing AceGUI-3.0 library

Update r001:

* initial commit
* includes options, local and remote monitoring

Known caveats

Occasionally causing taint issue due to using infamous UIDropDownMenu and with UIFrameFlash() because of usage of ChatFrame_AddMessageEventFilter.
Apparently sometimes the forwarding plugin fails to process the received message correctly and puts the forwarder in place of the sender and the unprocessed forward message as message text.


Uploaded on
Sep 16, 2013
Game version
  • 5.4.0
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