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WhisperWhisper is a World of Warcraft add-on that helps players keep track of private conversations. Inspired by two popular add-ons, SLDataText and Whisperfu, this add-on creates an extremely lightweight frame that acts as a mouse-over portal to whisper conversations. More importantly, the add-on can be significantly customized to aesthetically match any UI by customizing colors, fonts, font sizes, and alerts. Additionally, WhisperWhisper uses the LibDataBroker library to directly integrate with several popular display add-ons such as ChocolateBar or Titan Panel, though you may also have it as a stand-alone add-on.

Demo Video / Tutorial


  • Flash Alerts that can be customized with color, flash duration, textures, and combat status.
  • Import fonts using SharedMedia
  • Change the add-ons size and color to better "match" your UI.
  • Conversations saved between sessions
  • Completely functional with Battle.net/RealID
  • Alternate Display mode for people with several whisper conversations

As with all of my add-ons, I absolutely love feedback. Please let me know ANY feature requests or any bugs in the comments below. You can also reach me at [email protected], or send me a PM!

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  • Avatar of Tcooper819 Tcooper819 Aug 02, 2012 at 02:05 UTC - 0 likes

    I downloaded this today and it isn't working at all. I have ElvUI and I have even tried disabling ElvUI to see if that's why and nothing. Help! I want to be able to use this awesome add on.

  • Avatar of Kromdhar Kromdhar Aug 20, 2011 at 22:30 UTC - 0 likes


    could you had an option to show the timestamp for incoming whispers ?

    sometimes, I miss whispers but don't know when the player has contacted me ... 1min ... 10min ... 1hour :p no need to answer ^^

    sry for english (french user)

    thx a lot



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