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A simple addon to set tracking with slash commands

This AddOn was will let you set tracking with the slash command /track Track Name or Track ID, the most interesting feature however is the ability to swap between two tracks, in short it lets you swap easily between Find Herbs and Find Minerals while flying over Northrend.

The swap tracking function:

You will have to do one track cycle for the swap function to work.


  • Set the first tracking you want with /track Find Minerals
  • Set the second track /track Find Herbs

If you have bound a key you can now swap between these two by clicking it.

The swap function checks for Global Cool Down on the common tracking spells and need one to be able to swap, if you don't have any of the spells in the built in list you can add your own spell with /btracker SpellID

To find the ID for your spell go to or a site of your choice and search for the spell name and copy it's ID from the address bar.

For the spell "Find Treasure" wowdb gives us the address which means it's spell ID is 2481. As "Find Treasure" already is built in there is no need to add it.


  • /track - to print possible tracking options
  • /track 3 - will set tracking to track index 3
  • /track food & drink - will set tracking to food & drink (regardless of capitalization)
  • /track something else - clears current tracking


  • Open Blizzards key binding panel and locate bTracker binds
  • /btracker SpellID - Set's a new spell to check for GCD
  • /btracker clear - clears your custom spell and falls back to the built in list.

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Date created
Feb 07, 2009
Last update
Jan 18, 2010
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Public Domain
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