Why is it called "Buff Broker"?
Long boring story!

A broker is an entity which mediates between a buyer and a seller. In general terms, a buyer "wants" a commodity, and a seller "provides" that commodity, and a broker is their intermediary. In the context of Warcraft, "Buffs" are the commodity, "Player Characters" are the buyers, and "you" are the provider. Buff broker acts as the intermediary, performing the legwork to make sure your group members get the buffs they want from you.

What buffs does this do
It handles Blessings, Power Words & Prayers (shadow/fortitude/spirit), <Mark/Gift> of the Wild, Arcane Intellect/Dalaran Brilliance, Shouts, Totems, Horns, Paladin Auras, mage armor, warlock armor, priest inner (fire), righteous fury, and seals. it also handles auras provided by Hunter and Warlock pets.

What do you mean it "handles" them?
For each type of buff, this addon knows: who CAN cast it; who HAS cast it; who it was cast ON; who it is active ON; when/if it will expire; and what you should cast, to complement or supersede what is on each player in your party/raid.

How does it know what buffs everyone wants?
Buff Broker uses a combination of talent inspection, class data, and level to pidgeon-hole your party members into "roles". Each "role" has a set priority list, drafted through extensive research, theory crafting, and in-game experience. More on "roles" and what "buffs" they prefer later in the FAQ.

How does it know which self-buff I want (aka which seal to use)
There is no "best choice" for certain buffs, like seals, mage armor, warlock armors, and other self-buffs. In these cases, Buff Broker remembers what you last had active, and reminds you to recast the same spell when they're are about to expire. For dual-spec, your main-spec choices are tracked separate from your off-spec choices.

Does it work?
Release versions: yes. Beta builds, with a 'B' on the end: probably

Will it work when I'm in a raid with 3 paladins, a protection warrior, and a resto shaman

Will it work if the paladins are using ZOMGBuffs or Pally Power

What if it's a fury warrior, and two retribution paladins

What if it's a shaman, a death knight, and a demonology warlock

What if the <class> is a <role> and there are <buncha> other <classes>
yes. It just works.

How do I use it?
Click the button.

Does this support Button Facade?

How do I change it's look & behavior?
Press "Escape" for the blizzard menu; click the "Interface" button; change to the the "addons" tab at the top; then pick "Buff Broker" in the list on the left. Tooltips should indicate what all the (purely optional) bells and whistles do. You'll have to consult the Button Facade documentation to change the button skin/border.

can i move the button?
yes - click and drag the little title bar above the button, that says "buff broker"

Can I change the button size?
Yes - in the settings, change the "scale" slider

Can I hide the title bar?
Yes - in the settings, check the "Lock" option

Can I change the button border, or coloring?
If you have Button Facade installed: yes.

How do I bind BuffBroker to my mouse wheel?
Make two macros:

/run CameraZoomIn(1)
/click BuffBroker_CastSuggestionButton

/run CameraZoomOut(1)
/click BuffBroker_CastSuggestionButton

Use a key binding addon and bind these to your scroll wheel up/down. (Contributed by spiralofhope)

How do I configure what role each player is?
Buff Broker just figures out each player's role by inspecting their class/spec/level when they're in range. zero configuration. If you're not happy with the recommendations, you can enable "consistent" and just manually cast what you want; it'll remember your choices, and notify you when you have to refresh them.

How do I configure what buffs each player wants?
Buff Broker knows what buffs each player wants (in order of importance), based on their current role. zero configuration

Can I override what Buff Broker wants me to do?
Absolutely! In the settings, turn on the new "Consistent" option, which prioritizes spells you've already cast in the current group. If you cast, say, Blessing of Might on the raid, BuffBroker will help you keep Blessing of Might active (even if it thinks Blessing of Kings would be better). The "consistent" spell is reset when your buff is poached, or when you join/leave a group.

Guess What?

That's what

Seriously though, what are the "roles"?
Pure Melee - Rogues, Hunters (in cataclysm), DPS DKs, DPS Warriors, and Feral druids (last seen in cat form).
Only cares about melee damage buffs; attack power, haste, crit, statistics)
Pure Melee with Mana - Ret Paladins, Enhancement Shaman (and hunters in wotlk)
Prefers melee damage buffs, but is a fair target for mana regeneration enhancements
Tank - DKs in frost presence, ret/protection paladins with righteous fury, protection warriors, and feral druids (last seen in bear form).
Prefers buffs to avoidance, damage reduction, and stamina; is a fair target for melee damage enhancement
Caster - Warlocks, Mages, Priests, Holy Paladins, Elemental/Resto Shaman, Balance/Resto druids.
Only cares about spell damage buffs; haste, crit, statistics, spell power, mana regeneration
Healer - A caster who prefers mana regeneration over throughput/stats
typically low-level casters, as specified in the customization

I'm seeing a <class> marked as a <wrong role>
Report the class and role, and I'll investigate.

This Deathknight wants kings instead of might
This used to be a tricky problem, when Might was a flat bonus, and kings was a multiplicative bonus. At the time, either the player was retarded, misinformed, really wanted both buffs, or were afraid of dying. In every conceivable scenario, either might is the right choice over kings (trivial gear/content), or they need drums of the forgotten kings (progression gear/content).

Today, might is a 10% AP boost, and kings is a 5% boost to all stats. I haven't seen any proof of a 5% stat boost outweighing a 10% AP boost. I'm less worried at this point about the decision. Further, the decision has to be made at a raid-wide level now (more on this below), so there's no guarantee their wants are worth fulfilling.

If my group has a tank, a healer, and 3 dps, how does it choose between kings(stats) vs might(AP/MP5)?
Currently, each party member basically gets an automatic "vote" behind the scenes; the votes are tallied, and the winning vote is the buff you're told to cast. In the example, the tank will want 5% stamina, and the healer will want mana regen (1 vote kings, 1 vote might). Each Physical DPS character will want 10% Attack Power, while each caster will want 5% intellect. If your group has more casters/tanks than melee/healers, the vote will favor kings! If you have more melee/healers, the vote will favor might.

Does the role update when a player changes spec?

Does this buff Pets?
You can't buff pets as of 4.0.1; instead, pets now inherit all stats from their masters (in some form)

Yo dawg I get a buff from my pet, so i can buff pets while my pet buffs
Auras provided by warlock and hunter pets are properly considered.

It's not suggesting group buffs!
Try turning down your headcount and/or attendance thresholds; it's possible you just don't have enough targets to justify the reagent. If you're playing with the Cataclysm content (4.0.1+), these should be "1" and "0%" (respectively)

It's not suggesting (poisons / weapon enchants)
Spells applied to your weapons are kind of weird to detect. it's on the wish-list though:
Shaman weapon enchants
rogue poisons

It's telling me to cast a raid-wide buff, when a bad version is already available
Try flipping on "friendly" in the configuration.

Can you add (some weird feature only I'll ever use)?
Probably, but my time is limited. Make a comment with your request, and as much background as possible. It'll go on the Feature Request List, if nothing else.

This didn't answer my question!
Make a comment somewhere, and I might integrate the answer into this page :)

How can I provide feedback, questions, or comments?
Post a comment on any of these pages
Main Development site
Main user site
Mirrored wowinterface site
Curseforge/wowace forum thread

Is this a Data Broker, like FuBar?

Does this work with Brokers like Fubar?
Not yet! I plan to start using Fubar-ish addons at some point, so this will increase in priority if I ever start using one.

This addon keeps squawking in my chat log

There are scenarios I can't identify as "could happen ever in the history of dumb". Messages are printed if one of these happens on your game client, but only once per play session. if you get a weird notification, please let me know! They typically get removed once one person reports it, and are less likely to appear in release versions.

It's not working!
Please tell me what's wrong, as clearly and specifically as possible, using the feedback links. Screen-shots help. There's even a button in the Interface -> Addons -> Buff Broker settings panel, to "dump suggestion" to your chat window. Stuff like that will help me reproduce and fix whatever is happening :)

Ça ne marche pas
그것이"작동하지 않는다

You can help translate this to your language! Leave a comment or PM with the addon author if you're willing to help. There are about 100 short translations to perform, before this looks/acts correctly in non-english game clients.


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