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Hi everyone !

This is my first addon and i'm happy to have finaly released and shared it to all WoW players. I dedicate it to a friend, Kasoa, who gaves me the base idea: A simple macro who allowed him to spam his innervate and whisp the target but without flooding chat.

It provides you a simple GUI to chose what spell will be broadcast on wich channel. Broadcast message can obviously be customized.

Hoping it will be usefull to you.

About macro:

You can call the main function "CastAndTell" via a /run in macro. Here a list of parameters :

  • spell: The reference spell. Can also be the ID.
  • message: The message you want to say.
    Note: there is a formatting available. You can use #s who will be replaced by spell link and and #t who will be replaced by the target.
  • channel: A simple character set who represent the channel. i.e. "s" for Say, "ra" for Raid, etc...

Example :

/run CastAndTell("Innervate", "I cast #s on #t", "ra");
/cast Innervate

Will produced a result like that :

Raid: I cast [Innervate] on Thetarget
W to Thetarget: I cast [Innervate] on you

Known bug :

  • You have to uncheck/recheck a spell to update it
  • Trying whisper npc

Under development :

  • Multiple and customs channels broadcast
  • Interrupted, silenced,...

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Nov 06, 2010
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Jan 19, 2011
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