12 - CooldownTimers3 Doesn't track Archangel for priest


I'v been using this addon for along time, and now when I dinged 85 and learned Archangel I noticed cdt3 didn't track its cooldown.
I couldn't find it in the list either, when I noticed this I was in shadow specc, I would guess its the same prob no matter what specc you choose.

Hoping for a fix


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Lehto89 Dec 10, 2010 at 15:04 UTC Create

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    i've used this addon also for a long time and i love it. since the release of cataclysm i have very long loading screnes when i want to enter an instance. they are twice or three times longer than normal and occur only in the new cataclysm instances. also on the flight to the bastion of twilight i always get an crit error. now i found out, that cooldowntimers3 is responsible for that. but only when i play my priest. with the druid it seems to function fne.

    would be great if you can fix this or help me with my problem, because i don't want to miss this addon.

    santiana from baelgun/eu

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Dec 10, 2010
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