13 - REQ: Sorted guildlist in addon

Currently, the guildlist seem to be totally at random..

Could it please be sorted alphabetacally? Makes it MUCH easier to find a specific guild..

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    It has never been the attention of this addon to do more then display the top few guilds in a realm/faction. If you wish to examine character infomation by selecting via Guild please go to the www.WarcraftRealm.com website and use the search options there.

    The Guild list sorts by total experience level of the guild membership. This is derived by assigning a XP value to each member based upon character level and adding up all member XP values. As such for example a guild of 10 level 90 players has more experience then say for example a guild of 100 where the GM is the only character above bank alt or auction house characters of level 1 or 2.

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