Who TF R U (formally Chat Notes)

Right click any player in chat to add ChatNotes

Who The Frack Are You?

(Formally Chat Notes.)

Have you ever received a whisper from another player saying "Do you still have Mageweave for sale?", and you are asking yourself, WHO ARE YOU? Then this plugin is for you.

This VERY small utility allows you to assign notes to players chat messages. Every Guild, Party, Say, Channel and Whisper, message will have the Who TF RU Note added next to the players name.

The notes appear in between the ( ).

  • [2: Trade] [Bugsby]: (Steven) WTS 4xSolid Stone.
  • [1: General] [Leroy]: (Very BAD tank) LFG for Gruuls.
  • [4: Guild] [Liltroy]: (Troys Alt) Good morning everyone.

This is very helpful when you are in a large guild, with many alts.

  • This Addon uses a single global list of player names, so comments are shared between servers and characters.
  • Notes that are made in the Friends list, are also read and presented as well.
  • Guild Notes are enabled by default, and can be turned off with /wtf off.

Simply right-click on a character's name in the Chat window to bring up the Who TF RU menu, where you can Add/Modify, or Remove a note.

Type "/whotfru" or "/wtf" to display a tiny help.

Who TF RU: An Addon to add notes next to other characters chat messages

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Nov 29, 2008
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Jul 21, 2016
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Who TF R U (formally Chat Notes)
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