Who TF R U (formally Chat Notes)


Change log

11/29/2012 - v1.5.1

  • Updating the .toc to say it supports 5.1. no code changes/bug fixes.

09/06/2012 - v1.5.0

  • Updating the .toc to say it supports 5.0. No code changes/bugs at this point.

12/10/2011 - v1.4.3

  • Updating the .toc to say it supports 4.3. No code changes/bugs.

08/03/2011 - v1.4.2

  • A little slow updating the .toc to say it supports 4.2. No code changes.

05/02/2011 - v1.4

  • Added 4.1 support
  • Added Interface Settings tab for the two settings we have in ChatNotes

10/18/2010 - v1.3

  • Fixed references from 'this' to 'self'
  • Fixed arg2 references and made them use 'author'

12/11/09 - v1.2.3

  • Updated version after verifying it works for 3.3 release

08/09/09 - v1.2.2

  • Updated version to support 3.2 release

04/15/09 - v1.2.1

  • Updated version to support 3.1 release
  • Updated function CN_ChatFilter to support new message format

01/31/09 - v1.2

  • Fixed 3.0.8 compatibility issues with getglobal and dropdownFrame errors.
  • Added "has come online" and "has gone offline" feature that attempts to add Chat Notes to that message, and show info.


  • Right click on names in the Chat window to bring up the Chat Notes menu for Add/Modifying Notes, and Removing a Chat Note from a character.
  • Added colors for ChatNotes, Friends, and Guild
  • Blizzard's WoW Guild Notes and Friend Notes have different colors
  • Note preference is given first to Chat Notes, then Friends, then lastly Guild.
  • Guild notes are per character, Chat Notes, and Friends work across Toons and Servers.
  • Turn off Guild notes by using the /cn off
  • Fixed minor bug when in debug mode that errored on certain OnEvents
  • Added status command line option to query settings
  • Moved default settings to an area they should be set properly now. (debug=off,enabled=on,color=on)

Known caveats

  • You can still add players that are not on your friends list, and that don't even exist.
  • If you don't like a guild members provided note, create a new one by right clicking on their name in chat.
  • There is a known 'focus' issue where you can't right click to set focus. Rather type /focus playername to set it.
  • Doesn't show notes for new Battlegroup Random Dungeons. Doesn't break anything, just notes aren't displayed.


Uploaded on
Nov 30, 2012
Game version
  • 5.1.0
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