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Main Window


CheckMate provides a simple interface for party and raid leaders (and assistants) to ask the group common questions usually answered with a Ready Check. Also provides group instructions and additional raid functions in easy to access buttons.

These questions and instructions include:

  • Attendance Check
  • Do You Have A Flask?
  • Should We Continue Raiding?
  • Roll!

Uses Raid Warning or Party chat to post the message, then requests a Ready Check using the built-in Ready Check system. Can also be used to create custom messages (through a text box entry) and classic Ready Check with no additional message attached.

A Convert to Raid button is also provided on the interface.

Master Looter is provided additional buttons on the Loot window to post the following messages to Party / Raid Warning for use with various raid looting systems:

  • Roll On [This_Item's_Link]
  • Link Your Upgrade For [This_Item's_Link]
  • Show All Loot (to link all lootable items in Raid / Party chat)
  • Check box to specify looting system used




Both commands will toggle the CheckMate interface. The main window will automatically hide during combat. To use the custom loot message buttons, you must be the Master Looter. The loot window buttons will not show if the main window is closed or looting is not set to Master Looter.

Future Improvements

  • Main window will incorporate a number of user programmable buttons (for pre-set custom messages).
  • DONE Main window will fade or minimize when not in use (user choice).
  • DONE Keybindings will be available for all of the CheckMate buttons (for easy access to CheckMate Ready Checks).
  • DONE Standard Ready Check window will be replaced for party members who also have CheckMate installed.
  • Raid / Party Leader will be able to direct any of the Ready Checks (standard, CheckMate, or custom CheckMate) to particular user(s) only instead of entire party.
  • DONE Preferences window will be added to Interface options.


This is a full release.

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Date created
May 25, 2010
Last update
Nov 05, 2011
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