Open things that can be opened, like clams or barrels of fish. Should support every openable looted thing I've run across, including seasonal bribes.

Note that it can't actually open the things for you; you still have to click on them. ClamStacker just makes it really obvious when you get something that can be opened and simplifies the opening process.

There are configuration settings now. You can specify if the window should stack multiple openable items horizontally or vertically, you can specify if you want to display lockboxes and other items that are locked, you can specify if you want to display salvage crates, and you can specify if you want to see debug messages (warning: can be quite verbose)

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  • Avatar of papsol papsol Dec 24, 2014 at 13:05 UTC - 0 likes

    Here's a second more elaborate one:

    There was an update today and I had to deal with destroying my custom IDs that I added for my own personal liking. Obviously this is gonna happen on every update. I have come up with a better solution for myself using the addon "Hack". Great tool for addon devs if you've never heard of it check it out.I have a script page in Hack that builds my own list of item IDs and saves it to a global variable. I then only have to add a simple one line mod to ClamStacker.lua to check for this global table and read from it. Below is the code that's running in Hack for this. It just builds a list in the same fashion that ClamStacker does and then saves it as "solsItemIDs".

    --hacking itemIDs into ClamStacker
    local myIDs = {
       113271, --Giant Kaliri Egg +25 GR
       113388, --Shadowmoon Astrologer's Almanac +25 GR
    local set = { }
    for _, l in ipairs(myIDs) do set[tostring(l)] = true end
    solsItemIDs = set

    I then only have to modify the itemID check in function ClamStacker:BAG_UPDATE_DELAYED to also check my global variable like so:

                        if clamItemIds[itemId]
    			    or (solsItemIDs and solsItemIDs[itemId])
                        		or (ClamStacker.db.profile.lockboxes and lockboxItemIds[itemId])
                        		or (inGarrison and ClamStacker.db.profile.salvage and salvagedGoods[itemId])
                        		or (ClamStacker.cache.openableInStacks[itemId] ~= nil and ClamStacker.cache.openableInStacks[itemId] <= itemCount)
                            self:Debug(itemId.." is a clam")

    Now I can maintain my own list of IDs that I like ClamStacker to help me use without worrying that your updates are going to destroy all my work. It also allows me to add the items into my Hack script and run it to rebuild the item list table and I then have support for the item in place without needing a full reload of my UI. I don't much care for having to mod other author's files like this, but I couldn't find a global function/table that I could hook into or inject directly to get this working without touching the ClamStacker files directly. If you have a better method that I could use to inject itemIDs into ClamItemIds I'm all for it. Could even write a similar function that uses a global table like I'm doing here to allow externals to add clam IDs or make the ClamItemIds table that exists already a global so Id's can be injected directly. Making this table a global is the simplest solution, though a function would allow for sanity checking the input.

    The reason I bring this all up is because I would love to see custom list support added to the addon so people could easily add the items via ID or ItemLink in the options or in another window to maintain their custom list or lists. I will likely be working on this feature directly myself as its something that is within my capabilities (I'm stronger with backend stuff not so good with UI elements). I just wanted to pass the info along to you in case it helps you. I don't get allot of time to code these days so it'll probably be a while before I have it polished enough to present as an update and I have several derelict addons that I'm working on updates for. Unless this is a feature you already working on that will be presented soon, I'll keep working on it from my end and will provide you with any code changes I work out for your approval and possible implimentation.

    Once again, thanks for this great addon.

  • Avatar of papsol papsol Dec 24, 2014 at 13:02 UTC - 0 likes

    This would be easier if you'd enable the CurseForge ticket system to handle these but here it is. I've been working with ClamStacker code and have the following requests:

    Frame Locking: I sometimes inadvertently move the frame and have to reset it. I'd like to see the ability to lock the frame in position. Maybe by right-clicking the frame to toggle movement dragging on and off? Though less conveniently a check box in the options interface would suffice too. Once I find a place for it, I rarely want it to move.

    Frame Pinning: I like to pin the location of the addon to a specific area on my screen using ClamStackerPopupFrame:ClearAllPoints() and ClamStackerPopupFrame:SetPoint() to attach to a parent I wanted. However, the way the addon is written when it has to expand or contract its size, I'm getting unpredictable results. Would it be possible to have the addon build in a selected directs aside from vertical and horizontal? I'd like to see, Upwards, Downwards, Left and Right as selections here. I would also like to set the starting anchor point to one of the corners so that corner will not move positions when the addon expands or contracts.

    Frame Hiding: I would love to see the option to hide the PopupFrame in combat. I rarely need to open my clams in combat and making this a toggle i n the settings would suit my needs well.

    Thanks for your hard work on this great addon. My mind is racing with the possibilities this one brings. I expect I'll likely have more suggestions for you soon as the dynamic PopupFrame you've incorporated here is wonderful and I'd like to use it in some more places.

  • Avatar of Mindlessgalaxy Mindlessgalaxy Oct 24, 2011 at 13:01 UTC - 0 likes


    Another one to add please is Mithril Bound Trunk 21228

    Thanks for a great addon

  • Avatar of kittykatmax kittykatmax Sep 20, 2010 at 13:52 UTC - 0 likes - phantom ghostfish from fishing daily. There's a limited time to "eat" it after you fish it, so this would be a great one to add.

    BTW, thanks for making the addon so simple to customize. I don't know lua, but I was instantly able to see how/where to add new items manually. The new structure (listing numerically) makes it easier yet to ensure the item isn't already supported.

    LOVE this addon! Thank you!

  • Avatar of kittykatmax kittykatmax Sep 12, 2010 at 16:14 UTC - 0 likes

    Could you please add 44751 - hyldnir spoils?



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