Getting Started

Before starting to use ClassHandler, I strongly recommend to learn how to work with EmbedHandler-1.0.

What is ClassHandler?

The main goal of ClassHandler is to provide an easy way to create object which share all the same methods, in a similar way how frame classes behave. Look at the following example:

-- Creates a new class
local Class = ClassHandler:NewClass('MyClass')

function Class:NewObject()
  -- Creates a new frame and embeds all the methods from the class into it
  local object = CreateFrame('Frame')
  return Class:Embed(object)

function Class:SomeMethod()
  -- Some method

function Class:OtherMethod()
  -- Other method

This example creates a virtual class, and then, defines an important method: 'NewObject', which returns a frame and embeds all the class methods ('SomeMethod', 'OtherMethod') into it.

When creating frames, ClassHandler-1.0 also works great with Blizzard's UIFrameCache:

-- Creates a new UIFrameCache, and registers it as a class
local Cache = FrameCache:New('Frame', 'MyFrame')
ClassHandler:NewClass('MyClass', Cache)

function Cache:NewObject()
  -- Calls a new frame trough the cache
  local object = self:GetFrame()
  return Cache:Embed(object)

Acessing ClassHandler

The easiest way to access ClassHandler-1.0 methods is to embed them into your addon object.

local ClassHandler = LibStub("ClassHandler-1.0")

But you may also set ClassHandler as a local variable and call the methods directly.


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Dec 09, 2009
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