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The following are Behavior Templates specific to Assassination Rogues. They are available under the category Rogue | Assassination.

Assassination Behavior Icons

  • Blindside
  • Vendetta
  • Current Ability - see Assassination Priorities, below.
  • Next Ability - see Assassination Priorities, below.

Assassination Behavior Bars

  • Envenom
  • Vendetta

Assassination Priorities

The Current Ability and Next Ability Icons suggest abilities based on the following priorities:

Standard Actions

  1. Ambush(ambush) - if stealthed. It is best to start in stealth.
  2. Slice and Dice (snd) - if down and combo points > 0
  3. Rupture (rupture) - if down and combo points > 0.
  4. Envenom (envenom) - Note, this icon will be yellow if the envenom buff is up, unless energy > 90 and/or Fury of the Destroyer is up. Wait for it to turn white before hitting envenom.
  5. Dispatch(dispatch)
  6. Mutilate (mutilate)

If you would like to change the order of the priorities, type /clcinfo, click on "Class Modules", click on "Assassination", and then make your changes to the priorities.

Default priorities

ambush, snd, rupture, envenom, dispatch, mutilate

Optional Actions

The following actions can be added to the priority queue, though they are probably best left as their own icons or macro'd into existing actions.

  1. Tricks of the Trade (tricks) - if in party or raid.
  2. Vendetta (vendetta)
  3. Preparation (prep)
  4. Vanish (vanish)
  5. Shadow Blades(sb)
  6. Expose Armor(expose) - if Weakened Armor stacks < 3 or it's about to fall off target

If you are going to use the optional actions, the recommended order is:

Priorities for All Actions

prep vanish ambush expose sb snd rupture vendetta envenom dispatch tricks mutilate