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All three specs have access to the following templates under the category Rogue on the Behavior tabs.

Generic Behavior Icons

All sorts of generic rogue abilities available to all three specs are under this tab. Your action bar should suffice for these, but they are provided here for people who want the flexibility of designing their interfaces.

Note that there is an icon for displaying Anticipation Stacks and another for Weakened Armor stacks on a target. Both are quite useful.

Generic Behavior Bars

  • Deadly Poison
  • Energy
  • Recuperate
  • Rupture
  • Slice and Dice

Generic Behavior Multi Icons

  • Combo Points - because of the icon used, this looks best if you change the multi icon settings such that General:Use Skin From is "Self", General:Spacing is "-3", and Skin:Skin type is "BareBone".


Note.. soon this section will be replaced with MoP gear in all probability. Nevertheless:

These are in the Physial DPS Items dropdown. The following icon behaviors are available. There are not icons for non-DS Cataclysm gear, since you should be spending most of your time with these goodies! NOTE: you will see some ICC gear listed in the Physical DPS Items dropdown. These items are from the clcInfo addon, not this one.

  • Landslide enchant
  • Tier 13 2 Piece - the Tricks of Time buff.
  • Kiroptyric Sigil - the Agile buff when up, otherwise the CD on the trinket.
  • Starcatcher Compass - the Velocity buff when up, otherwise the ICD of the trinket.
  • Vial of Shadows - the ICD of the trinket. NOTE: someone please test this for me and let me know if it works! I don't have this trinket.
  • Wrath of Unchaining - stacks of Combat Trance.
  • Dragon Soul Legendaries - stacks of Nightmare, Suffering, or Shadows of the Destroyer (depending on which level daggers are equipped).
  • Fury of the Destroyer - this is separated from the Dragon Soul Legendaries for two reasons. First, it is nice to know how many stacks of Shadows of the Destroyer you have when Fury procs. Second, it is useful to attach an animation with a sound to this icon so you start spamming those finishers as soon as possible.

Here are some of the item icons in action: Items