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Single target protection warrior rotation module for the clcInfo addon . REQIURES clcInfo to work. This addon adds protection warrior spells and templates etc so you can use clcInfo to manage prot warrior rotations.

The default rotation is to Shield slam, use Revenge > Devastate on the first 2 GCD after Shield Slam, then on the last GCD before shield slam is up do Thunder Clap > Demoralizing Shout > Rend > Shockwave, but only if those abilities have fallen off. If another class is applying an equivalent debuff, it will not recommend Thunder Clap or Demoralizing Shout. There is also functionality to recommend the refresh of Thunder Clap or Demoralizing immediately when it falls off, as well as additional templates to track protection cooldowns (Last Stand, Shield Wall, Shield Block), and templates that can recommend when to Heroic Strike and Inner Rage based on rage thresholds (50 and 75 by default).

Let me know of any bugs/improvements that could potentially be made!

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  • Avatar of Malvenue Malvenue Sep 23, 2012 at 14:42 UTC - 0 likes

    Any chance we could get this updated for MoP? It's very useful!

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