Consolid8 2.0a

Change log

2.0a: Bug fix and TOC bump.
2.0: (latest change)

  • Added item counting. Items such as cloth can now be counted by Consolid8 instead of appearing in the chat.
  • Added a settings panel to the Interface Options screen. This allows you to choose items to be counted, and access all the other settings.
  • Fixed a bug with the report dialog.

1.6a: Fixes bugs caused by patch 4.2 and updates TOC.

  • Tradeskill messages are now consolidated.
  • Rearranged the report dialog slightly to stop the checkbox from hiding parts of the report.
  • Honor tracking should now function correctly again.


  • Now compatible with patch 4.0.1. Honor tracking is currently out of action until I can figure out the GetCurrencyInfo function.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug in loot handling with Master Looter mode, and added a safeguard timer to make sure any important loot is reported within ten seconds.
  • Fixed XP tracking (again… it really should work this time…)

1.45c: Honor bug fix.
1.45b: XP bug fix.
1.45a: Loot bug fix.
1.45 (minor update): Changed the default anchor for the button to make room for the new social button in 3.3.5.


  • Now integrates better with Blizzard loot messages. Upgrading users must re-enable loot messages (Right-click General chat tab > Settings > Other > Check Item Loot).
  • Added option on report dialog to turn automatic reports on or off. (Upgrading users must re-enable this.)
  • Changed licence from GNU General Public Licence to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence.


  • Now consolidates messages from looting, gathering, etc.
  • Now tracks XP gains.
  • Changed the report method to a static pop-up, and made it appear automatically when you leave an instance.
  • Added slash command switches /consolid8 show and /consolid8 hide which show and hide the button respectively.


  • Changed the LDB plug-in from a launcher to a data source.
  • Made the button movable (Hold down shift and drag) and sizable (Hold down shift and use scroll wheel)
  • Now tracks honor.


  • Added an LDB (TitanPanel, FuBar, etc.) plug-in with the same behaviour as the normal icon.
  • Made the normal icon more visible on third-party UIs (Hopefully… Tested on SpartanUI)
  • Added a slash command as a last resort:
  • /consolid8 reset, report

1.0: Original Release

  • Counts up reputation gains/losses and money loot and displays them in a tooltip.


Uploaded on
Aug 24, 2011
Game version
  • 4.2.0
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