Cornucopia (Interface Builder)


Change log

  • Hotfixes
  • New flip icons
  • Tagging as release
3.10 (beta)
  • Art: now comes with brand new default settings: the blizzard artwork! If you come from previous versions but want to try it, type in the chat "/run Cornucopia_Art_Sets = nil" and then "/reload".
  • Art: now displays an informative glow box when cropping
  • Art: improved "Crop" icon shade
  • XP, Actions, Menu: adapted default settings to the new art ones
  • Toolbar: added a "Delete" button so the functionality is not longer only available trough the keyboard
  • Menu: fixed a bug causing this bar to always be in front of all others
  • Config: reduced frame strata of several elements
  • Several minor bugfixes
3.9 (beta)
  • Cornucopia has received a major internal overhaul improving performance and stability
  • Art: can now be flipped
  • Actions and Menu: changed defaults to match the new art ones
  • Art: cropping bug fixes
  • Art: toolbar and inspector now properly update to changes in the art bars
  • Config: many improvements and bug fixes
  • Toolbar: "bring to front/back" bug fixes
  • Actions: fixed bug preventing mouse buttons from being assigned to action buttons
  • Note: the Minimap theme has been reset to Warcraft. Simply go to configuration mode and select yours if you were using other.
  • Removed DataBroker support
3.8 (beta)
  • Added portuguese translations (by João Soares)
3.7 (beta)
  • Moving bars with the arrow keys is now faster when holding shift
  • Specials: hot-fix
3.6 (beta)
  • Actions: using a new meter template with a new design
  • Art: cropping improvements and bug fixing
  • Buffs: hot-fix
3.5 (beta)
  • Art: now is possible to crop the artwork!
  • Art: fixed a bug with the browser causing files at the bottom of a directory to not show up
  • Inspector: fixed a bug causing not all bars to show up in the "Anchor" drop-down
  • Config: fixed a bug causing the inspector to not correctly overlap the toolbar on certain situations
3.4 (beta)
  • Art: added an editbox for typing custom artwork paths
  • Actions: small improvements in the inspector layout
3.3 (beta)
  • Fixed several issues with the mouse-over binding system
  • The Extra Action can now be bound with the mouse over system
  • Fixed an artwork issue with the shape-shift bars
3.2 (beta)
  • It is now possible to navigate forwards/backwards in the Art Browser
  • Improved the Art Browser design
  • Updated Art database
3.1 (beta)
  • Actions: Added Extra Action bar
  • Actions: changed an internal behavior to prevent tainting
3.0 (beta)
  • Added Art bars
  • Minimap: fixed a bug with the square shape
  • Now uses Poncho-1.0, Sushi-3.0 and CustomTutorials-2.1 to generate its options and tutorials
  • Updated for patch 4.3
  • Actions: Fixed a bug causing the Special Actions bar to not have the correct size at high level shamans
  • XP: Bars now have dynamic default settings
  • Buffs: Minor bug fix
  • Actions: Fixed a bug when creating bars
  • Minimap: Fixed a bug with the Zone bar
  • Buffs: Now supports consolidation
  • Buffs: Should have fixed bug when hovering weapon buffs
  • Buffs: Complete rewrite
    • Now uses the recent Blizzard secure protocol
    • Allows for right-click canceling buffs
    • Should fix the crash issue some users were experiencing
    • Does not yet support consolidate buffs
  • Actions: The unnecessary default action options are now disabled
  • Minimap: Fixed a bug when dragging the buttons
  • Actions: Fixed bugs with the binding interface
  • Actions: The bindings text now automatically resizes itself
  • Made download size about 4.6 times smaller
  • Internal API changes
  • XP: The exaustion marker no longer shows up in the experience bar
  • Menu: Added an option for the "Bags" bar to only show the backpack button
  • Menu: Corrected the "Menu" bar width
  • Fixed a bug causing the keybinding having to be pressed twice before working correctly
  • Updated all translations. Thank you to everyone who has helped to translate Cornucopia to other languages, (as Teslor, essorblood, unbelievablestarr, KVVV, wowuicn and zhTW), but there is still a lot to translate. If you wish to help, feel free to use our localization tool.
  • Actions: accidentally left the Blizzard default art showing last version. Issue fixed.
  • Accidentally added last version a submodule called "Cornucopia_Art" which is not yet ready for distribution. If the Curse Client does not remove it, it's advised to disable it or remove it manually. Sorry for the disturb.
  • Menus: removed the keyring from the Bags bar
  • Menus: added the Encounter Journal button to the Menu bar
  • Menus: the buttons in the Menu bar are now correctly displayed in the default order
  • Updated for patch 4.2
  • Fixed bug causing Interface options to be inaccessible after opening Cornucopia one's.
  • The Inspector tabs now got their great look back!
  • Updated for 4.1
  • Changed the default position of the vehicle button
  • The Inspector tabs look strange now, but it's just a temporary fix to work with the new patch. A new version with the good looking tabs will be released soon.
  • Further bug fixing of Leave Vehicle Now should work perfectly
  • Made bar names ready for localization
  • Added 2 new experimental features to the toolbar: "Bring to Front" and "Bring to Back"
  • Actions: fixed a bug causing two different "Leave Vehicle" buttons to show up on some situations
  • Actions: performance improvements
  • Actions: added leave vehicle bar
  • Minimap: now works with MinimapButtonFrame
  • Added Simplified Chinese translations and updated the Traditional Chinese ones (thank you wowuicn)
  • Added a nice "Interface Options" tab for Cornucopia
  • Centralized localization
  • Added an "Are you sure?" dialog for deleting bars that cannot be retrieved back (ex: action buttons)
  • Added some Russian translations (thank you!)
  • When possessing or driving vehicles, the action bars now can change when you hold ctrl, alt or shift (if enabled). This allow bars with less than 12 buttons to be able to show all the vehicle abilities.
  • Fixed a bug causing the "Used IDs" bars to not always show to correct values when changing the settings of a bar
  • Fixed a bug causing a small area at the bottom of the screen to not be selectable when at Configuration Mode in rare situations
  • Fixed a bug causing action bars to not be properly saved between sessions in some rare situations
  • Added options to hide action button bindings and macro names
  • The "Used IDs" bar now has a nifty tooltip to match the rest of the Inspector
  • Made the "Cannot configure interface while in combat" message ready for localization
  • Made the Toolbar to react to changes when dragging the screen to select bars
  • Fix of two possible small bugs
  • Working on new bars and new config features
  • Cornucopia now appears to be more than stable. As such, I'm tagging it as a release version. The only exception is for Cornucopia Buffs, but you can read more about it here.
  • Improved a lot the intuitivity, look & feel of the "Events" Inspector tab tooltips
  • Made the "Events" Inspector tab ready for localization
  • Improved, simplified and centralized the "binding mode" code and made it completely Load on Demand
  • Made the action bars configuration code completely Load on Demand
  • Made de "binding mode" window ready for localization
  • Added action button events for Moonkin and Tree of Life forms (Druids)
  • Action button events for stealth can now be set separately from stances (Rogues and Druids)
  • The "Number of Used Action IDs" bar is now also visible at the "Layout" tab from the action buttons Inspector window
  • Now the event buttons from the "Events" tab have their own tooltips. This should help to understand what they do and what they can be useful for
  • Fixed a bug causing weird tootlips to show up when overing the buttons from the "Events" tab
  • Fixed bug causing the experience bar to not resize properly in some situations
  • Fixed bug causing error messages in several situations
  • Fixed a bug that fired when dragging certain bars.
  • Finished and improved the Inspector "Metrics" tab
  • Now you can set the opacity of bars (in theory, you already could so, there was just no option for it in the Inspector)
  • Added chinese translations (thank you to zhTW)
  • Made most of the code ready for localization
  • Other minor internal tweaks and improvements
  • Removed some unnecessary library files
  • Now the rulers dynamically change their size
  • Now the rulers also display the center of the screen
  • Other ruler-related tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed a small bug with the rulers
  • Internal tweaks to the positioning system (to prepare further improvements)
  • The Inspector and Toolbar positions are now recorded between sessions
  • Fixed a bug causing action bindings to sometimes not be correctly saved
  • As such, action bindings had to be reset
  • Fixed the pet bar tainting issue
  • Changed the toolbar bindings icon
  • Small tweaks
  • Made the Inspector tabs more intelligent
  • Made more changes, but can't remember them now... really
  • Small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Added Menu and Bags bars
  • Cornucopia Actions now disables the bottom art
  • Small tweaks
  • Added Experience and Reputation bars
  • Several bug fixes
  • Multiple action bars... yeah baby!
  • Configuration mode closes automatically when entering combat
  • Active testing on raids: done
  • Several bug fixes
  • Added Pet, Stances and Totem bars
  • Bindings can be set for all bars included in Cornucopia Actions
  • Several tweaks & Bug fixes... yeah, you didn't see that coming
  • Dynamic toolbar
  • Action bar bindings can now be set
  • First tutorial window text reintroduced (removed by accident)
  • Several bug fixes
  • Implemented Add/Remove bar
  • Implemented Background options
  • Added some nice animations
  • The configuration mode now looks overall much better
  • Improved states algorithm
  • Several bug fixes
  • What's next? Dynamic toolbar; then action keybindings; then multiple ones
  • Added a "what is this" button to the action states tab
  • DataBroker ready!
  • Initial Beta ReleaseRelease


Uploaded on
Apr 25, 2012
Game version
  • 4.3.3
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