Cornucopia (Interface Builder)

12 - Large list of Misc ideas covered or not

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
1. Profiles  Global & Character based
2. Option for 100/250xp xyz% to go text for XP bar
3. Option for 100/250 faction abc% to go rep for rep bar
4. Linked movement of the Player & Target frames.  So they can be moved at the same time with x,y cords and some form of input control on length between the two frames.  More advanced versions could include pet,focus and the other type of target frames.
5. Include a test mode that lets people test how the setup would look in a vehicle,group,raid etc
6. Like another ticket mentioned caster bar support.
7. Any chance at support for the buff icons on the player,target,focus, etc etc etc frames like hiding, moving, size, information shown.
8. misc request the support with vehicles any chance on having a option to let the game use the default blizzard frames just for vehicles. For people who like the vehicle frame as a mood setting.
Please provide any additional information below.
Sorry if this seems like a knit pick or rant.  Just love how this addon is so far and want it to be the very best it can be with out making you go insane ^_^   If you have any thing you would like me to address in more detail please feel free to PM my curse account.

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    Thank you for your ideas. My answer (for now):

    1. Yes! 2. Sometime 3. Sometime 4. Maybe 5. Unlikely 6. Yes! 7. Maybe 8. Unlikely

    There are some ideas (tagged with unlikely) which are incredibly hard to implement due to how the game is designed.

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