21 - Got a bit complicated

Critline used to be much easier to handle in the old days. Can we make some things easier again?
My sugestions:
-I cant post my highscores into guild/chat/party anymore. It allows me to go into critline spell configs and post a single spell, but I can't find a way to post into one simple message my highest crit and the ability name, and then my highest non-crit and the ability name. These might be different spells, and in the current config I cant post that.
-Tital Panel integration is great, but took me a while to figure it out. Rename it to "Critline Damage" and "Critline Healing" to make it more obvious.
-There is still an old "tital panel critline" addon out there. Make it clear your addon includes titan integration now
-Make your addon recognize your character's "default spells" and not include random other abilities into the tootlip ranking by default

Thanks, and keep up the great work. I always liked this addon, and I think that if it was easier to use and understand many people would use it.

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    Thanks for your feedback. More features comes almost inevitably at the cost of simplicity, but I have tried to keep the features relevant.

    As for the points you raise:
    - I can't remember how this used to work, but currently you can do this by shift clicking the LibDataBroker feed. (Titan plugin, in your case) I could look into adding a different way to do this, if desired.
    - The actual plugin objects are named the full "Critline damage", so when configuring your display addon, that's what you should see. The label that shows on your display I think I wanted to keep as short as possible, but I suppose people who needs space might just hide the whole label. I think "Damage record[s]" might be better, to describe what it's actually showing.
    - The "Titan plugin" is actually the LibDataBroker object, covered in the description by the Broker section. I can see that it might not be apparent what that is. I can see about improving the description.
    - There is an option in the filter module to disable spells that aren't in your spellbook, but I prefer having all features on by default, so that users know what features exist, and can disable them as they desire. Majority of users are not curious and will miss out on features that they may want, but are disabled, as they never go exploring the options.

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