Change log

CT_Timer ( 2013-12-30
- Changed library to a standalone module.

CT_Timer (5.4.2) 2013-12-21
- Library fix.

CT_Timer (5.4) 2013-12-12
- Updated for the WoW 5.4 patch.

CT_Timer (5.3) 2013-05-24
- Updated for the WoW 5.3 patch.

CT_Timer (5.2) 2013-03-09
- Updated for the WoW 5.2 patch.

CT_Timer (5.0101) 2012-12-10
- Updated for the WoW 5.1 patch.

CT_Timer (5.0002) 2012-08-28
- Release version for WoW 5.

CT_Timer (5.0001) 2012-08-19
- Beta version for WoW 5.

CT_Timer (4.0301) 2011-11-27
- Updated for the WoW 4.3 patch.

CT_Timer (4.0200) 2011-06-28
- Updated version numbers for the WoW 4.2 patch.

CT_Timer (4.0100) 2011-04-26
- Updated for the WoW 4.1 patch.
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 4.0100.

CT_Timer (4.003) 2010-11-22
- Existing CT_Timer settings will be reset to default values the first time you use this version of the addon.
- All CT_Timer options are now configured directly in the CTMod control panel. Type /ct and then click on CT_Timer.
- CT_Timer settings are now saved per character.
- CT_Timer settings can now be imported from another character that is using CT_Timer 4.003 or later via the CTMod control panel's 'Import settings' menu item.
- You can open the CT_Timer options window directly by typing /cttimer.
- There is now a button to reset the timer window's position to the center of the screen.
- There is now a button to reset all of the CT_Timer options.
- The position of the timer window is now remembered even if you disable the CT_Timer addon.

CT_Timer (4.002)
- WoW 4.0 patch version for the live realms.
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 4.002.

CT_Timer (4.001)
- WoW 4.0 patch test version for the PTR realms.

CT_Timer (3.301)
- Added a missing reference to CT_Library.lua. This fixes the error "attempt to index global 'CT_Library' (a nil value)" that was occurring when CT_Timer was the first CTMod addon to load.

CT_Timer (3.300)

- Updated for the WoW 3.3 patch.
- CT_Timer now appears in the list of addons in the CTMod Control Panel.
- Now displays a basic options window in the CTMod Control Panel. It describes the slash commands available, provides a button to open/close the CT_Timer window, and provides a button to open the CT_Timer options window.
- The CT_Timer window can no longer be dragged off screen.
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 3.005.

CT_Libary.lua (3.005)

Settings import
- Fixed a problem with the settings import feature in the CTMod Control Panel where it was not properly importing frame positions.
- Fixed a problem where there would be more than one "Settings Import" item listed in the CTMod Control Panel when more than one version of CT_Library.lua was encountered.
- The settings import window now defaults to the first character on the first server that has importable options.
- Added the ability to delete settings.

Slash command
- Added the /ctmod command as an alternative to the existing /ct command. Either one will open the CTMod Control Panel.
- Added code to allow direct access to an addon's options window via a slash command (refer to individual addons for any slash commands that may have been added).

- The scrollbar in the options window resets to the top when you select a different addon.
- The message at the top of the CTMod Control panel now mentions the slash commands that can be used to open it.
- Some variables and functions which were global are now correctly declared as local.
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 3.005.


CT_Timer (3.200)
- Updated for the WoW 3.2 patch.

CT_Timer (3.006)
- Updated for the WoW 3.1 patch.
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 3.004.

CT_Library.lua (3.004)
- Fixed a nil value error when the client's locale was not recognized.

CT_Timer (3.004)
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 3.003.

CT_Timer (3.003)
- Updated CT_Library.lua to version 3.002.

CT_Library (3.002)
- Fixed a bug that was causing some text to be aligned incorrectly in some of the addons.
- Corrected a spelling mistake on the CTMod Control panel window.

CT_Timer (3.002)
- Updated CT_Library.lua

CT_Timer (3.001)
- Left clicking the timer no longer causes an error.

CT_Timer (3.000)
- Updated for the WoW 3.0 patch.


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