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D-Bags ... We've all grouped with them. We swear we'll never do it again, but who has time to remember all these names.

"What do you mean take my pet off aggressive? I do more damage that way!"

"No, I don't want to roll on the trinket!" followed by "Oh, THAT Trinket .. that's an upgrade *need*"

"I don't care if it's not an upgrade, I'm the only one who can wear leather, so I'm taking it."

And my personal favorite from the DPS: "WHY AREN'T YOU HEALING ME?!?"

D.Bag will keep track of them for you. Never get stuck grouping with a D-Bag again all because you forgot.

How it Works:
When you join a group, or someone joins your group (or raid), and they are on the D.Bag list, it will notify you via chat frame (local print only), flash your screen and (if enabled) play a sound. This effect also occurs when targeting someone, and flag warnings appear on a player's tooltip. Lastly, should you choose, DBag will mark players in chat with a prefix of your choosing (Defaults to --D.Bag--) so you'll never even waste your time with them!

DBag can automatically import your Ignore list, as well as sync across your guild whenever you, or someone in  your guild, updates their D.Bag list.

Syntax: Chat Commands are /db and /dbag
/dbag list -- List all current D.Bags
/dbag add <name-realm> -- Adds <name> to the D.Bag list - Manual input of realm name is not necessary.
** Please note - Reasons cannot be added via chat line anymore
/dbag reason <name> <reason> -- Updates or Changes the reason <name> is flagged
/dbag remove <name> -- Pardon someone's D.Bagginess
/dbag addguild <name> -- Flags an entire Guild
/dbag removeguild <name> -- Removes entire guild
/dbag config -- Open D.Bag's Config Window
/dbag import -- Manually import ignore list to your D.Bag list
/dbag clear -- Completely clear the D.Bag list

Alternately, to add a DBag, you can Right-click their unit frame (Target, Group, Raid, etc), or their name in any chat window,  and select the option 'Flag DBag'.

Known Problems:
** Blizzard's Auto-Realm detection is severely lacking, and has several limitations. Unfortunately these limitations cause problems with D.Bag - If the cross-server player is out of range, or no longer in your group, no Realm can be determined. You will have to manually add Name-Realm when adding to your D.Bag list

** I've found more things that Blizzard has disallowed. The current 'bug' will not effect the majority of people, as it has to do with being a raid leader. While Dbag is active, due to the context menu functionality, you cannot set a Main Tank - Blizzard has found it necessary to make this a 'Protection Function'. I am trying to find a work-around, but at this time, there is no ETA on completion.


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