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tag 5.4.2
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2013-09-25 20:20:13 +0200

Tagging as 5.4.2


    - increment version number to 5.4.2
    - ultrashining via svn r10395: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r10394: During desperate measures, bosses can be pussed passed 3, so need to scan all 5 for the smart tank warnings on  fallen protectors
    - Omega via svn r10393: comment out debug for now. Did good raid tonight found no bugs. Tank filter finally perfect. info frames work. all working well. Please hold off on any experimental or untested features until tandanu tags this in morning, then we can go at it breaking stuff again :)
    - Omega via svn r10392: Make ravager red to indicate severity of that weapon vs other 3
    - Omega via svn r10391: cancel couple timers in right place
    - Omega via svn r10390: 15 min berserk on protectors in LFR (the fact LFR is bad enough to figure that out is why I don't run it)
    - Omega via svn r10389: Ru and stuff
    - nbluewiz via svn r10388: # Remove test code. (sorry)
    - nbluewiz via svn r10387: # Modulize DBM-Core. If we want block or do feature on specific map, boss, instance, that feature must be defined in individual mods, not CORE. # Re-write InfoFrame. I think that updateNazgrimPower() must be not used by other mods. So moved non-general infoframe stuff into individual mods. Also cleand up variables.
    - Omega via svn r10386: Fix bug in win detection on spoils, strange since it was working in previous weeks. It's as if blizz hotfixed a missing period.
    - ebmor via svn r10385: deDE update
    - Omega via svn r10384: norushen LFR berserk
    - Omega via svn r10383: Add other galakras horde npcs
    - Omega via svn r10382: add to help list
    - Omega via svn r10381: Fix bug
    - Omega via svn r10380: Fix Borer drill warning not working (wrong damage event) Fix bad banner icon logic (they don't spawn when adds spawn so need a diff scanner) Comment cleanup. New icon scanning methods def work well, and without wasteful cpu onupdate methods that scan 100% of fight. Add Latency check Add info frame to general Nazgrim
    - ebmor via svn r10379: fix typo
    - ebmor via svn r10378: deDE update; DBM-Core: I agree, that three independent sources might be enough and removed the deDE exception ... but maybe secondfound will never be true, the code looks suspicious and like showedUpdateReminder will be true before (fewer syncs)
    (btw, possible alternative: a date() based check, e.g. 180 days old, requirement: SVN server has to insert the current date, too)
    - Omega via svn r10377: Change checkTankDistance default to 40. seems working better but 50 still grabbing stuff I don't want it grabbing. Map doesn't understand vertical distance so what feels like > 50 is still only about 40.
    - Omega via svn r10376: Update paragons for some heroic changes.
    - Omega via svn r10375: More fixes to repull. an additional arg that allows a wipe recombat time. Fix galakras reengaging after wipes. Fixed countdown bug on paragons. Fix first adds timer on galakras
    - Omega via svn r10374: and fix some more stupid
    - Omega via svn r10373: nil check
    - nbluewiz via svn r10372: # Oops fix stupid local mismatch.
    - Omega via svn r10371: ##Up validation requirement to 3 for disable. that plus the release revision validator that was added a while back should be more than enough. Unless you think it likely your raids will not only have 3 people that are asses, but even know how to spoof in first place. ##Do not show disabled mods in the GUI
    - nbluewiz via svn r10370: # Add scenario end detection.
    - ebmor via svn r10369: the dangerous "too-old-auto-disable" of DBM that was silently reintroduced in r10349 has been already rejected by tandanu in r9735 with very good reasons -> disabled for deDE localizations; SoO: deDE update
    - nbluewiz via svn r10368: # Brawlers : Fix Brawler mods not working after re-enter. (DBM:GetCurrentArea delays 1 sec)
    - Omega via svn r10367: add target scanning debug again, this time with some notes
    - nbluewiz via svn r10366: # Fallen Protectors : Tweak specialwarning for healers.
    - Omega via svn r10365: adjust foulstream scan some since i found it to be failing a bit(terminating too early I think)
    - Omega via svn r10364: Target scanning on storm works, so utilize it as well Change a spammy default
    - nbluewiz via svn r10363: # Nzagrim : Fix nil error. Also add fail-safe to similar function (they not actually get errors)
    - Omega via svn r10362: Even more refining on filtering. it should be really good now, provided no lua errors. I'll be able to give it some real testing tomorrow.
    - Omega via svn r10361: Fix leaked globals
    - Omega via svn r10360: improve tank check further
    - Omega via svn r10359: add support for checking range on npcs, readd filter to fracture
    - Omega via svn r10358: add support for checking range on npcs, readd filter to fracture
    - Omega via svn r10357: fix proto timers. remove debug, i see problem now. the tankcheck filter actually works, just not for abilities where the mobs have no target, or are targeting npcs when they cast. so certain abilities cannot be filtered no matter what
    - ultrashining via svn r10356: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r10355: ru update
    - nbluewiz via svn r10354: # koKR update.
    - nbluewiz via svn r10353: # Fix some bug, tweak option. Add some feature.
    - Omega via svn r10352: Add some immerseus swelling corruption suggestions
    - Omega via svn r10351: Of course, add the infoframe code to support it
    - Omega via svn r10350: Re-add norushen infoframe, if it still doesn't work, we'll just bug blizzard about the bad UnitPower returns. Remove high cpu events that weren't needed on siegecrafter blackfuse Add untested infoframe code
    - Omega via svn r10349: Fix dbm break function so it works in flex raids.
    - ultrashining via svn r10348: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r10347: # koKR update.
    - nbluewiz via svn r10346: # Increase sync spam to 8 sec. I received late sync again today, about 7 sec late. (Tonight was 5~6 sec). In fact, so many people uses addon pack and that people DO NOT UPDATE DBM individually. Especially in LFR, I saw DBM 5.2.3 still running... In Korea, almost people uses DBM as boss encounter addon, as a result, so many old DBM is still running. And THIS OLD DBM breaks many sync warning very very laggy sync. I know that we can use AntiSpam(10, n) in individual mods to prevent this, but very few mods requires frequent sync. So I think it's better that to increase global sync spam.
    - Omega via svn r10345: slight tweak too
    - Omega via svn r10344: Add some debug to figure out why the heck distance filter isn't working
    - Omega via svn r10343: I'll accept 5, but > 10 actually breaks festergut. it syncs every 10 seconds without args and > 10 == 11. like i said though, my fix will handle it anyways though. i may still change it back to 2.5 right before release, the problem will be solved since no sync will be sent by laggy people in next version.
    Also, a much better cinematic fix for SoO, smart item cooldown scanning to detect when quest item starts a movie and never block that will still blocking the ones we do wish to block. :D
    Disable tower timers on heroic Galakras, they don't work that way in heroic.
    Fix a bug in sha of pride
    Fix a bug causing galakras engage to still fire late (EncounterInProcess is false for first few seconds of fight)
    IN case above still doesn't fix it, had a fall back pull trigger just for good measure.
    - nbluewiz via svn r10342: # Well, I reviewed all syncing stuff including old mods. I conclude that not needed 2.5 sec interval because we do not use sync in frequently used spell (to prevent sync spam and wired warning). Even we need syncing in frequently used spell, we can use syncing with args. Syncing with different args not affects on spam protection. And currently, there is no mod that syncing interval lower than 10 sec. So 10s change only prevents very laggy player sync only. Not affects on LaserTarget syncing in Iron Juggernaut. (this sync including args, spamId protections do not affects with different args)
    - Omega via svn r10341: Comment update and test of curse git
    - ultrashining via svn r10340: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r10339: Small immerseus update
    - Omega via svn r10338: Revert sync change. some mods need to send syncs more often than every 10 seconds and we can't break them. Fix it this way instead by disabling sendsync (from mods) for laggy users within core itself. Granted the fix won't reach most people or be helpful until next release, but one will be pushed at end of weekend at latest. Add Sha of Pride Berserk Add in some untested unit debuff scanning for inferno strike since target scanning is worthless (mob always looks at PREVIOUS targets).
    - ebmor via svn r10337: Nazgrim/Garrosh: SetUsedIcons; deDE update
    - nbluewiz via svn r10336: # Core: Increase sync spam to 10 sec. In LFR, some player sends very very late sync (About 7sec). So, block very late sync to ensure good warning. # Some minor fix (SoO and ToT).
    - Omega via svn r10335: I'm not smart enough to make the sender filtering work, so just use time based filtering instead.
    - Omega via svn r10334: drop 2 seconds off norushen berserk
    - Omega via svn r10333: add protectors 10 min berserk, remove useless target scanning
    - Omega via svn r10332: shorten first class bar
    - Omega via svn r10331: Add auto marking helpers to nazgrim and garrosh
    - Omega via svn r10330: Disable world boss mod loading in combat. even more "script ran too long" for it. Should be very rare rare you don't find a non combat period of time to load it before pulling a word boss anyways, most of them are huge and load from miles away.
    - Omega via svn r10329: Fix icon bug on ordos Add yell pull trigger so we have an accurate place to start berserk timer
    - Omega via svn r10328: make titan yells off by default, force an option defaults change as well (also for extra measure, force disable it in LFR no matter what). Disable wounded pride in LFR Add sync listener for bigwigs users killing adds inside realm on norushen.
    - Omega via svn r10327: Disabled some buggy tank warnings on darkshaman until i can revisit why they were screwing up. Add tank checks to tank debuffs on galakras and iron jug to avoid bad spam. Fix bug when galakras isn't boss1. Reduce tank radius on galakras to avoid getting tower warnings when on ground or ground warnings when in tower (at least hopefully)
    - ebmor via svn r10326: Malkorok: SetUsedIcons
    - ebmor via svn r10325: SpoilsOfPandria: missing RangeFrame option added; deDE update
    - ultrashining via svn r10324: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r10323: Ru Update Make sure Flex is included as 'raid boss encounter' logging
    - tandanu via svn r10322: increment version number for alpha builds


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