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Users of old content boss mods: this update is incompatible with older versions of the old content mods. Please get the latest version from

tag 4.10.10
subversion <>
2012-02-09 09:27:31 +0100

Tagging as 4.10.10


    - Tandanu via svn r7324: tag 4.10.10 release
    - nbluewiz via svn r7323: # DSTrash : Twilight Escape timer still remains after event ended. Better to cancel it.
    - Omega via svn r7322: ALso why localize something that doesn't need to be? creatureids will work in ALL locals, localized text will only work in some. the only bug in mod was the msg being in wrong place (timer vs warning), and the wrong cids being there (which i fixed tonight).
    - Omega via svn r7321: revert timer change, read the comment. I did not see any evidence the max duration got shorter. The event just ends early if you kill 15 drakes before that timer expires. just like it used to end early if you killed 24 before (however, i only found ONE case where this happened, and event ended 5 seconds before timer ended in that case). Also, the timers are NOT supposed to match. One is using a yell trigger and other is using a trigger that comes later, after the yell. The yell trigger is more reliable which is why we still keep it, cause the other trigger only fires if someone is targeting thrall specificly running this version of mod to sync his cast out. If the timer is changed i want a log confirming the max event duration is shorter, where less then 15 drakes died.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7320: # DSTrash : fix Drake warning bug.
    - Omega via svn r7319: Pointless change really but to keep uniformity. Void bolt was nerfed, but the timer was already correct do to the way i pull it dynamically in game. but changed it in options too just to match up
    - Omega via svn r7318: Fix DS trash again
    - Omega via svn r7317: try to fix a trash timer bug, not sure what causes it though, but the portal timer spam restarted every 5 or so seconds with no real explanation
    - ultrashining via svn r7316: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r7315: Fix some CiD fail on trash mod
    - ebmor via svn r7314: deDE update (DragonSoul)
    - DiabloHu via svn r7313: zhCN update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7312: # DSTrash : fix localization error. # koKR update (DSTrash)
    - Omega via svn r7311: Improvement to last, as well as add in EoE roleplay timer
    - Omega via svn r7310: Add in hotfix for drake cap being 15 now instead of 24, left timer for now cause i don't think that mechanic changed. Old mechanic was 253 seconds OR 24 drakes, whichever came first. new mechanic, 15 drakes or 253 seconds, whichever comes first. The timer only ever was a hardcap limit on the event duration, we just didn't know that since killing 24 drakes in that limit never actually happened.
    - Omega via svn r7309: Fix a DMF bug
    - Snamor via svn r7308: esES update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7307: # Madness of Deathwing : Added Elementium Blast countdown (some player requests) # Hagara : try another way for chatbubbles. # koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7306: start warning at 3 residue, not 5.
    - Omega via svn r7305: Take advantage of EJ for initiate mob name and remove all the locals for it.
    - ebmor via svn r7304: deDE update (DragonSoul, WorldEvents)
    - DiabloHu via svn r7303: zhCN update
    - ultrashining via svn r7302: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7301: # Hagara : bubble options sometimes not work. try this.
    - Omega via svn r7300: Bunch of madness warning adjustments and option defaults changes. Had enough LFR groups to know people don't know what they are doing. DBM warnings are a bit vague as well, so now they are more clear and concise on just what you're supposed to do for more of the spells.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7299: # Hagara : Remove ice wave timer (useless). Rearranged option order. Updated countdown option text. # koKR update
    - ultrashining via svn r7298: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r7297: error fix
    - nbluewiz via svn r7296: # Hagara : added chat bubble option to Hagara # enUS update (replace kohcrom to journal text) # koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7295: Darkmoon updates
    - DiabloHu via svn r7294: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7293: Fix typo
    - DiabloHu via svn r7292: zhCN update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7291: # Spine of Deathwing : remove bad variables
    - Snamor via svn r7290: esES update
    - ebmor via svn r7289: deDE update (core)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7288: # Spine of Deathwing : 1. fix all Residue related stuff. please see comments. (this stuff tested and good working. commented also debug code.) 2. fix plasma healing bar not working. # Blackhorn : sometimes Goriona use own spells after Retreat message displayed. so delays canceling related timer. # DSTrash : fix shit warn not working.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7287: koKR update (core)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7286: # Spine of Deathwing : give an icon to Hideous Amalgamation warn (temp).
    - Omega via svn r7285: New prototype for add switching, only converted deathwing mod for now til more languages localized then i'll go back and convert other older mods. lots of mods have switch special warnings (heck madness has 3 alone). it was time we stopped localizing it over and over.
    - Omega via svn r7284: it's possible to be out of combat log range of thrall so add a sync in to make sure we get an end combat from anyone that does pick it up.
    - Omega via svn r7283: disable range finders on fights in LFR that don't need it on faceroll difficulty. people just complain about it being there cause they don't understand the mechanics that give it reason to be there.
    - Omega via svn r7282: Small improvement to encounter reporting outside instances
    - DiabloHu via svn r7281: zhCN update
    - ebmor via svn r7280: add missing SPELL_BUILDING_DAMAGE to core (IsleOfConquest fix)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7279: # fix SPELL_BUILDING_DAMAGE in pvp mod.
    - Omega via svn r7278: increase residue count some, because it's good to know how many are down for rolling off his back too. Also scan dest damage too. make it as accurate as possible. count should always be right and fastest possible now.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7277: more fixes
    - nbluewiz via svn r7276: fix more unchanged.
    - Omega via svn r7275: Dummy commit (well not completely useless, adding blue to credits)
    Note to Blue, old content mods, i'll start from bottom you start from top ;)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7274: hopefully fixed all stuff.
    - Omega via svn r7273: Blackwing touch
    - nbluewiz via svn r7272: oops, missed.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7271: Blackwing Descent
    - Omega via svn r7270: match up blue's change for uniformity on 5 man mods
    - Omega via svn r7269: Throne
    - Omega via svn r7268: All 5 man mods and world event mods
    - nbluewiz via svn r7267: # Better to use UnitGUID as player identify. (because can cause error for some player use their nicknames as boss names. like Baleroc, Ragnaros, Blackhorn...)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7266: Baradin Hold and Bastion of Twilight
    - Omega via svn r7265: Firelands
    - Omega via svn r7264: actually pretty up blackhorn a little, no reason for the extra nesting
    - Omega via svn r7263: Think this should cover the DS mod conversions. to make sure the alpha is at least functional there, gonna work on rest of raids now.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7262: # Core : Fix broken args (like: spellid) for recent changes. And no reason to build args table for noArgTableEvents? Changed it, too.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7261: # Rhyolith : Countdown 1 not works, so removed it.
    - tandanu via svn r7260: oozeGUIDS[sourceGUID] = true -- Remove it
    - tandanu via svn r7259: Implement fast event processing for high volume events (like SPELL_DAMAGE), these new events will no longer be using the DBM args table but the raw event arguments All events that are changed can be found in DBM-Core.lua (see diff)
    The reason for this change is that old boss mods didn't really need these events, so performance issues with these high volume events were no issue. However, a lot of newer mods make use of these events for some hacks. The usual approach for the few mods which actually needed these events was to build a new CLEU event handler to bypass DBM event processing. This was reasonable as long as there were like 2 or 3 mods that did this. But nowadays there are like 3 oder 4 mods in each package that require these high volume events...
    Note that this change is incompatible with old mods. All mods that were using these events will require updating. See DragonSoul/SpineDeathwing for an example.
    - tandanu via svn r7258: add SWING/SPELL_DAMAGE/MISSED based ooze tracking
    - Omega via svn r7257: refine it more.
    - Omega via svn r7256: Work in progress, remove respawned oozes from residue count
    - Omega via svn r7255: also, it's 7sec based on many logs.
    - Omega via svn r7254: Rhyolith update, phase 2 doesn't need a yell anymore.
    - oscarucb via svn r7253: ensure DBM-Arrow calls SetMapToCurrentZone at least once nested zone maps like in DS can confuse the existing heuristic
    - ebmor via svn r7252: deDE update (Omen)
    - arta via svn r7251: Dont shot statistics on PvP pages
    - nbluewiz via svn r7250: # Rhyolith : Reset Stomp timer on phase 2 start.
    - Snamor via svn r7249: esES update
    - ultrashining via svn r7248: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7247: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7246: # Yorsahj : revert Purples spec warn spell id.
    - Omega via svn r7245: Long overdo, i meant to do this sooner. Use EJ for fragments and sparks on rhyolith to shorten the announce/bar text (spellids have "summon" in them, too much text) Change ragnaros adds to new generic and reduce locals.
    - Omega via svn r7244: might work better if i actually load it
    - Omega via svn r7243: Omen boss, just cause.
    - Omega via svn r7242: move special warn purple back to ooze though. it's important to pre hot up the tanks before debuff goes out, not when it goes out.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7241: # Yorsahj : added Deep Corruption stuff (purple debuff).
    - nbluewiz via svn r7240: # Core : adjusted timer recovery function delay. # Madness of Deathwing : fixed for 25man Shrapnel warnings.
    - Omega via svn r7239: Add add warning spawn for big adds, and add timers for the first cast of blood corruption they do after they spawn.
    - Omega via svn r7238: 2 is too long for anti spam on bloods, so lower it down some.
    - Omega via svn r7237: Update core to properly detect and display classic raid sizes (where all of them return difficulty 1 regardless of size)
    - Omega via svn r7236: make spammy plasma health option off by default even for healers. this really is just a 10 man option, on 25 man healers don't want 10 bars on their screen at a time (because on heroic this happens, pretty typically)
    - Omega via svn r7235: Remove the target check from nuclear on spine, it's important for everyone to know about it, whether you target or not. Added countdown option for roll
    - nbluewiz via svn r7234: # Hagara : fix Ice Lance stack warning error.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7233: # Core : added stuff specifying boss id for status whisper. # Blackhorn : updated status whisper stuff. # Yorsahj : tap clean up. # Madness of Deathwing : updated Shrapnel warning.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7232: # Fandral Staghelm : update ability timers.
    - Omega via svn r7231: *A lot of old comment cleanup, as well as some mod tweaks and code cleanups *Madness: Cancel impale debuff timers when corruption dies, the ONLY thing debuff does is increases damage from impales, if corruption dead, we don't care about the debuff ;). *Ultraxion: should now warn faster if we have expected number of fading light targets.
    Some comments left to make sure people don't break stuff or because we still need the data to figure stuff out. but most that don't seem needed anymore are cleaned up.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7230: # some cd timer changes to next.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7229: # Core: updated battleground invite timer text. + cancels timer when enter or cancel. # Battlegrounds : fix building health bar showing on other battlegrounds (like Strands of Ancients, Wintergrasp ..)
    - Omega via svn r7228: Confirmed, harpoons do work this way, precisely. Now if only i could find a more accurate way to account for add timer variations. just going to have to be imperfect without a real emote or yell :(
    - nbluewiz via svn r7227: # Core : fix difficulty bug.
    - Snamor via svn r7226: esES update
    - Omega via svn r7225: ##Core, Player sizes actually in the difficulty messages now. At first i thought "why bother, they can look at # of players" But not nessesarily. It occured to me running some wrath 25 raids with 5-10 people, you can't tell in which one it is by the players. Someone saw my auto whisper and thought it was 10 man, :). So now they will know when i have 5 people, i'm 5 manning 25 man, not 10 man heh. #Blackhorn harpoon timer tweaks based on new logs. DS trash comment for me to work on later. There is a UNIT event that can be used instead of a yell to avoid locals, as well as allow the the "skyrim" timer to still fire after a wipe (the RP/yell only happens first pull).
    - arta via svn r7224: check for Fading Light debuff instead of Hour of Twilight? :S
    - arta via svn r7223: lets add fadingLightSpam=0 in OnCombatStart() as well (just to be sure)
    - Omega via svn r7222: maybe better harpoon timers. They need testing and probably adjustment, wish adds were easier to log
    - Omega via svn r7221: small tweak to account for both drakes getting away, and only 1 of them dying. we don't want to clear "recently reloaded" until drake count is 2 or 4 from a previous wave
    - Omega via svn r7220: Akmahat fixes and tweaks Ultraxion anti spam for my CLEU work around so it doesn't start warning you 3 times for fading light :)
    - Omega via svn r7219: Improvement to blackhorn. reloading cast start doesn't break the CDs, if the drake still dies before reloading finishes. Its allowing reload to actually finish casting, and harpoon the old drake that does, so cancel bars there instead. Should avoid canceling bars needlessly when drakes die to dots during reloading cast.
    - Omega via svn r7218: Make sure bad harpoon timers don't start.
    - Omega via svn r7217: apply same fix to dps too
    - Omega via svn r7216: workaround for a bug where the combat log misses fading light casts, so if we detect it cast on someone else, we check player aura too to avoid player not getting alert
    - oscarucb via svn r7215: add support to Yor'sahj module for raid leading tools (eg YorsahjAnnounce) who want to broadcast a target arrow
    - Omega via svn r7214: Small heroic madness update now that i have looked at a recent decent log.
    - Omega via svn r7213: Small trash fixes to firelands.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7212: # Blackhorn : fix Harpooning timer on normal difficulty. normal difficulty seems not to be 20 sec. # DSTrash : updated Boulder warn be more useful. # Alizabal : added Seething Hate specwarn for off tanks.
    - Omega via svn r7211: maybe this will fix harpoon CD, it's still not triggering
    - Omega via svn r7210: make the harpoon bars option default on only for dps, healers don't really care and they are a lot of bar spam for someone that doesn't need em. Also off for tanks because tanks have extra humanoid bars they are managing for the dread's frontal cone attack. This way there should be less bars on the screen by default
    - nbluewiz via svn r7209: # Spine of Deathwing : update residue warns.
    - Omega via svn r7208: do mot remove ship from boss health in phase 2 either, there is no reason to do this, the ship still takes damage from leftover sapper, or even goriona which CAN cast twilight barrage (in rare cases)
    - Omega via svn r7207: fix a mistyped spellid
    - nbluewiz via svn r7206: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7205: #DStrash : fix bug in target announce in lfr dungeon.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7204: # Core : added difficulty text on kill, wipe message. # Blackhorn : fix self :)
    - ebmor via svn r7203: deDE update
    - Snamor via svn r7202: esES update
    - ultrashining via svn r7201: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7200: koKR update
    - DiabloHu via svn r7199: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7198: Add a cast announce for reloading. then i think i'm done with commit spam for now.
    - Omega via svn r7197: use the damage bladerush spellid in optiontext, not cast one, since it has a more meaningful tooltip and spellicon
    - Omega via svn r7196: small tweak
    - Omega via svn r7195: fix some invalid option spellids
    - Omega via svn r7194: fix error in last
    - Omega via svn r7193: #Blackhorn. Added in Harpoon timers that will be very accurate if you don't screw up on drakes, if you do screw up the mod will just cancel them and give you a reloading timer (since based on 40+ logs, the CDs become a disaster once this happens and are really not fixable until reloading ends.) ##Core Added new generic for adds remaining, since it's common enough. didn't change over the old ones yet though. I only have DS journ extracted right now so i'll mess with rag and others later.
    - ebmor via svn r7192: deDE update (DragonSoul)
    - Snamor via svn r7191: esES update
    - Omega via svn r7190: forgot cancel bar for degeneration
    - ultrashining via svn r7189: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7188: # Blackhorn : fixed Consuming Shroud timer shows on normal difficulty. # koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7187: Add in auto projected textures option for Blackhorn. the fight is infinitely easier in phase 1 with them off, but a pain in the balls in phase 2 with them still off. Now dbm can mess with this setting so we don't have to.
    - Omega via svn r7186: add some more tank options, tweak blade rush CD bar
    - Omega via svn r7185: add special warning for standing in deckfire
    - Omega via svn r7184: Add trash warning for standing in twilight drake fire
    - Omega via svn r7183: track nil instance difficulty as normal for boss stats Small code cleanups
    - DiabloHu via svn r7182: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7181: add difficulty to pull messages
    - Omega via svn r7180: fix something, guess you can get GUID from unit events.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7179: zhCN update
    - ultrashining via svn r7178: zhTW update
    - ebmor via svn r7177: deDE update (DragonSoul)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7176: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7175: # Blackhorn : tweak first Roar timer. # Spine of Deathwing : added experimental Residue (concerned with Absorb Blood) stack warning stuff. (heroic raid team suggests) maybe it will be better showing on info frame?
    - Omega via svn r7174: Arta fails at option defaults
    - DiabloHu via svn r7173: zhCN update
    - arta via svn r7172: Blackhorn added heroic P2 stuff (Twilight Breath timer, Consuming Shroud timer/warning) and cancel those when Goriona retreats (also cancels Twilight Flames timer on normal/LFR difficulty)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7171: koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7170: *Blackhorn: Add in a hack to detect blade rush CDs Added a special warning for deckfire (off by default) Added special warning for new elites (on for tanks) *Firelands Trash: Added warning for standing in lava (since as of 4.3 the damage area is MUCH larger then the animation, upwards of 10 yards larger)
    - Omega via svn r7169: fix a bug with mod assocation (DragonSoul not Dragonsoul)
    - Omega via svn r7168: Raid invites were a little slow, i had time to finish the locals after all
    - Omega via svn r7167: Set revision number, comment out model ID until i put an appropriate one in
    - Omega via svn r7166: Trash mod for DS, not finished with the locals yet but if they are your locals just move/rename the appropriate stuff that's no longer in the ultraxion mod.
    - Omega via svn r7165: Slaphide update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7164: # Spine of Deathwing : warns Blood immediately on 9 stacks. # Echo of Jaina : cancel Flarecore stuff. + specwarn.
    - arta via svn r7163: Hagara: special warning if YOU are targeted for Shattering Ice (might be handy for heroic mode) default disabled
    - ebmor via svn r7162: deDE update (DragonSoul)
    - Omega via svn r7161: Add broadside bar
    - ultrashining via svn r7160: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r7159: grammer fix
    - nbluewiz via svn r7158: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7157: # Hagara : fix wired pillar warnings.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7156: # Morchok : again fixed Vortex timer (maybe this will be perfect) # Hagara : fix invalid journal id, added missing locales. # koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7155: Smaller timer tweak, apparently yellow doesn't have the CD on green, it is more like 2/5ths
    - Omega via svn r7154: Local fix on last
    - Omega via svn r7153: Add hagara warnings for how many remaining crystals or conductors are left.
    - Omega via svn r7152: All the other stuff was functional surprisingly, apparently i'm getting better at making stuff work :) Just a small update to locals so message makes more sense then just spewing out colors.
    - Omega via svn r7151: digestive acid isn't cast by Yorsahj it's cast by the maw itself, this should fix that
    - nbluewiz via svn r7150: # Morchok : tweak vortex timer (see comments)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7149: # Blackhorn : cancel countdown on phase 2
    - ultrashining via svn r7148: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r7147: oops the manavoid timer was an accident, the timing is semi random and the timer didn't pan out. removed it
    - nbluewiz via svn r7146: Well, sorry. mistaken.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7145: # Yorsahj : fix acid timer duplicates? + koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7144: While at it, try a different way to fix the void bolt timer variation problem
    - Omega via svn r7143: *Spine of Deathwing: Added a real aoe barrel roll warning, and made grip warning only a personal one if he doesn't level out within 3 seconds and you're not secured. Tweaked antispam some more for bloods *Yorsahj: Enabled and fixed acidCD stuff Added searing blood CD Added in code to detect whether or not yellow is active for two above CDs Added option to warn which oozes hit the boss (may have bugs?) Small code improvements and comment cleanup. *Madness: Shrapnel countdown is off by default for tanks, tanks don't use dream for this, they save it for terrors.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7142: koKR update (Island of Conquest)
    - ebmor via svn r7141: PVP-IsleOfConquest: basic health bars for damaged gates added, obsolete bg start timer code removed, minor deDE trigger fix
    - Omega via svn r7140: very small tweak to spine to anti spam blood pickups.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7139: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7138: add a countdown to shrapnel cast on madness of deathwing Fix a bug in ultraxion where dps saw first fading light timer on LFR
    - nbluewiz via svn r7137: # Yorsahj : timer re-tweak.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7136: # Blackhorn : clean up
    - ultrashining via svn r7135: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7134: koKR update
    - ebmor via svn r7133: deDE update (Ultraxion)
    - Omega via svn r7132: Some gunship tweaks
    - Omega via svn r7131: bugfixes
    - ultrashining via svn r7130: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7129: # Blackhorn : added Twilight Onslaught Countdown.
    - ebmor via svn r7128: deDE update (WorldEvents)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7127: koKR update (darkmoon faire)
    - Omega via svn r7126: forgot to remove speedkill and boss health options from these
    - Omega via svn r7125: World events update.
    - Omega via svn r7124: fix it so dbm core no longer requires you to actually be inside an instance to load a mod based on areaID, so my DMF mod will work
    - Omega via svn r7123: Fix mixed line endings
    - Omega via svn r7122: Fix a bug causing ulthok mod not to engage. Redo engage/kill on Ozumat since that wasn't working right either.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7121: zhCN update
    - ultrashining via svn r7120: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7119: koKR update
    - ebmor via svn r7118: Ultraxion: deDE update and drycoded bugfixes (hourOfTwilightCount is never 3 after reset and first warning value at setting "One" should be 1)
    - Omega via svn r7117: reclarify option so it's listed that it's coded only with 3 set in mind.
    - Omega via svn r7116: improve the customizable count special warning for HoT to be a pre warning, instead of at same time as cast one, so it's less confusing.
    - Omega via svn r7115: Add special warn options for specific HoTs since people still struggle with counting for some reason.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7114: # Blackhorn : Added Twilight Onslaught count (some guild request) + castbar.
    - Omega via svn r7113: correct emote for retract, i was right, it was a classification update, "its" changed to "her"
    - Omega via svn r7112: comment out deckfire timers, far as i know they aren't timer based at all, they happen at 75 50 and 25 percent on the ships health.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7111: # Morchok : re-fix bug. this will be work.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7110: # Morchok : timer re-tweak. fix bug (hopefully)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7109: # Zonozz : more comment cleanup
    - Omega via svn r7108: comment cleanup, i don't think that stuff is needed, and i don't think the stac counting probably will be either, think the current method is perfect in all my tests in LFR normal and heroic :) Fix pull drain timer so it's not affected by the void starting one.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7107: # Morchok : oops, forget to reset stomp and crystal count.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7106: # Core : icon fix for Encounter Journal warning. # Morchok : Timer tweak(Vortex). Clean up code. updated after Kohrom summon timer and skipping spells. # Zonozz : fix update bug. maybe this will be perfect.
    - Omega via svn r7105: use self instead of mod since it can be used where it was moved to
    - Omega via svn r7104: this method definitely seems to be working, but do a tweak that improves where we auto correct timer.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7103: # Madness of Deathwing : Remove useless stack warning. (sorry for commit spam. I forgot this thing)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7102: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7101: # Blackhorn : reduce locales.
    - Omega via svn r7100: summon elementium terror is too long for a timer text, use EJ entry instead so it's just Elementium Terror
    - nbluewiz via svn r7099: # Spine of Deathwing : final fix.
    - ultrashining via svn r7098: Tweak timer Blackhorn first twilight onslaught. Tweak timer Hagara first focused assault after lightning/frost phase.
    - ebmor via svn r7097: feature update (DBM-Core, DBM-GUI): * redundant locals consolidated, code cleanup ($spell:%s in generics:    no prefix - true spell id; prefix "ej" - encounter journal section id) * basic tooltips for encounter journal links added I hope that I have not broken anything. :-) Please review.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7096: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7095: # Spine of Deathwing : fix lua error.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7094: # Spine of Deathwing : added GripCD adjust code to improve accuracy. # Blackhorn : updated health frame function. # koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7093: # Spine of Deathwing : remove useless healthframe option. # koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7092: # Blackhorn : small timer tweak.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7091: zhCN update
    - ebmor via svn r7090: deDE update (DragonSoul dropdown options)
    - ultrashining via svn r7089: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7088: # Zonozz : remove check variables to prevent lua error.
    - Omega via svn r7087: actually i now believe that's not how it works either. Going over more data, I think it without a doubt has a set 90.3sec CD, but has failsafes in place on heroic and normal to allow raid ample time to reposition for a new ball should should it come off CD before a set time. humor me and test this code out, cause if it works it's a LOT cleaner and more accurate if I'm right. Also while at it, just start the drain bar on void cast, and get it out of of way, we already know how that mechanic works without a doubt so lets actually use it there :)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7086: # GUI : Well, when I removed dropdown selection valuce hack, the dropdown menu shows current selected value correctly. So, commented selection hack temporary. (can be buggy other situations?) # Zonozz : In generally using tactics, new Void of Unmaking timer works at more correctly. (tested in 9,7,5,5 in normal 10-25 man/ 7,5,5,5 or 5,7,5,5 in heroic 10 man). So, I think applying new timer to alpha release will be better from now on. # koKR update (new dropdown)
    - Omega via svn r7085: small tweak that will fix overlapping text problem ;)
    - Omega via svn r7084: add a heroic only note
    - Omega via svn r7083: add more options to zonozz range finder, use new popup, added english locals for new dropdowns for both mods to all locals so they aren't empty, they need to be translated though.
    - Omega via svn r7082: local fix
    - Omega via svn r7081: Fix last so the always 3 option is what i wanted it to be ;)
    - Tandanu via svn r7080: start work on dropdown menus in boss mod options using the old AddDropdownOption API which was there like forever; the GUI just never supported it ;)
    Known issues:
    * dropdown menu doesn't show current setting on load
    * spacing is calculated incorrectly
    * checkboxes below dropdowns don't work properly
    * the dropdown menus should use a slightly different style
    - DiabloHu via svn r7079: zhCN update
    - Snamor via svn r7078: esES update
    - Samira via svn r7077: corrected deDE roll trigger for Spine, otherwise it wont be a pre-warning
    - Omega via svn r7076: Add a 15 second pre warn to ultraxion hour of twilight warning, this will be huge in optimizing Cd usage, trust me. The timing of warning will help with CD management perfection.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7075: koKR update
    - ebmor via svn r7074: deDE update (DragonSoul)
    - Omega via svn r7073: Forgot one
    - Omega via svn r7072: Finish the CD code for ultraxion as well as add an extra option to reduce it to only your CDs (wtb popup option support)
    - Omega via svn r7071: Fix EJ support for FR PT locals so it works instead of errors out. Added untested generic for counting target announces. I can think of a few places i wanted one. But for now just testing on ultraxion. But will add to other places soon.
    - ultrashining via svn r7070: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7069: koKR update
    - Omega via svn r7068: experimental CD tracker, obviously not finished, it only tracks warrior CDs right now, i want to test a light implimentation first in raid tonight. if it is working and detecting last defender properly i'll add the's off by default
    - Omega via svn r7067: range finder will now accept manual input of range 4, by request for yor where people want to open it manually and have it open entire fight
    - ultrashining via svn r7066: zhTW update
    - ebmor via svn r7065: deDE update (DragonSoul and GUI)
    - DiabloHu via svn r7064: zhCN update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7063: # Zonozz : updated Zonozz comment, continue to test, plz.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7062: # Madness of Deathwing : preparing for heroic Congealing Blood warning. (needs log)
    - nbluewiz via svn r7061: # Ultraxion : added optional timer for Unstable Monstrosity.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7060: # Madness of Deathwing : added Unstable Corruption spellid. still we need logs. # Zonozz : updated comment
    - Omega via svn r7059: Update zonozz timing data, i can confirm that is how it works, but i can also confirm heroic vs normal also matters. 10 vs 25 vs LFR does not seem to matter so far in my data. And heroic vs normal does not always matter either, just for 7-9 stacks (and maybe 10, not enough data yet) I included some of my data thus far, i actually had a lot more but i clipped out duplicate data (would be an even bigger mess to include 100 diff heroic logs of 7 and 9 data that all show same results ;)
    - ultrashining via svn r7058: zhTW update
    - Omega via svn r7057: Additional comments for Zonozz, some more heroic madness drycodes
    - nbluewiz via svn r7056: koKR update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7055: # Yorsahj : Void Bolt timer adjust. # Zonozz : added Void of Unmaking stuff using new method. ABSOLUTELY timer is NOT difficulty based. And I agree with Void timer is not random. But since new stuff still needs more review, all new stuff are commented.
    - Omega via svn r7054: Option to reset hour of twilight count. 3s for heroic 2 for normal (in normal they rarely use 3 groups, 3 wouldn't make sense there). this option was popular on baloroc and less confusing for CD rotations to always see the same number on your rotating instead of trying to remember 1, 4, 7, etc. 1, 1, 1 better.
    - ultrashining via svn r7053: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7052: koKR update
    - DiabloHu via svn r7051: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7050: Watching more heroic videos of madness, still no logs but these drycoded warnings should still be very useful for parasites
    - Omega via svn r7049: blizz changed emote for cyclone shield on boss, i didn't logit cause i didn't notice until too late, maybe this tweak will fix it until i can log it again. the grammer on emote was wrong so it is probably something simple like changing "its" to "his"
    - Omega via svn r7048: revert last for now. They shared their logs, they didn't wipe to berserk they wiped to stupid. They aoed like 30 oozes at same time and the raid blew up.
    - Omega via svn r7047: spine actually does have a berserk, who woulda thought.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7046: zhCN update
    - Omega via svn r7045: comment out mapsizes for areas they are useless in (gunship and spine don't have mapsizes that are actually useful. Commenting out should force oldschool range frame in these areas)
    - Omega via svn r7044: add a way to kill cutscenes too, not just movies. so things like the annoyance bridge behind baloroc will be auto canceled if the disable cinematic option is enabled. This option will not disable cut scenes outside of dungeons though, it's not DBMs intent to mess with questing, just raid nuisances.
    - ultrashining via svn r7043: fix Arcurion combat start timer and Benedictus enUS combat start trigger
    - nbluewiz via svn r7042: # Spine of Deathwing : fixed health bar disappering. # Morchok : updated specwarnCrystal warning, but codes looks ugly.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7041: # maybe toc copy-paste fail?
    - nbluewiz via svn r7040: # Madness of Deathwing : updated heroic Hemorrhage timer by video.
    - Omega via svn r7039: add this instead, an optional special warning for targets other then self, that's off by default
    - Omega via svn r7038: bah stupid, i kept lowering the range on the near warning on blackhorn but i was too dumb to realize the problem was the fact the gunship has no map. So range was always 0. the near warning is completely useless and thus removed.
    - DiabloHu via svn r7037: zhCN update
    - thiagovfar via svn r7036: Finishing ptBR messages localization
    All DBM Messages, options and so on are now localized to ptBR.
    However, triggers are still not localized.
    - Omega via svn r7035: while at it, make it a healer only option, i meant to do that earlier and forgot, it's just spam to someone that can't do anything about it.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7034: # Spine of Deathwing : prevent showing health bar when options disabled.
    - nbluewiz via svn r7033: # Spine of Deathwing : Fix health bar bug when adding new plasma. But still have problem needs to fix. Remaing Bug: New plasma bar not places at bottom position. It places at randomly. (especially 25 man) # Morchok : fix heroic timer bugs. # Madness of Deathwing : corruption timer tweak.
    - Snamor via svn r7032: esES update
    - ultrashining via svn r7031: zhTW update
    - nbluewiz via svn r7030: koKR update
    - Tandanu via svn r7029: increment version number to 4.10.9 alpha

Known caveats

This update is incompatible with older versions of the old content mods. Please get the latest version from


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Feb 09, 2012
Game version
  • 4.3.0
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