Derpy Stuffing Bags

Derpy Stuffing Bags

One Bag addon updated and extracted from DerpyUI.


  • Shows all bags as one big bag
  • Option to auto stack items (click on >>20<<)
  • Option to auto sort items by quality and category (click on
  • Search bar opens when right-clicking on Search
  • Clean black transparent and code based textures
  • Bag can be moved around free without holding down alt key
  • Bank can be moved separated from the bags
  • Bag and bank position are saved whenever you move them
  • Lock / Unlock bag/bank frames via /baglock
  • Possible to buy bank slots without disabling the AddOn
  • Quality glow around the icons not on top of them!
  • Displays gold
  • If you shift+mouseover the Bag Icons it will show what items are in what bags
  • Displays the original Bags when klicking on the bags at the left side.
  • Is open and closable while in the ESC Menu
  • 100kb in size (unpacked), Ingame 323kb mem usage
  • When moving windows the buttons are faded out to prevent fps drops.

Everyone has permission by Hungtar to edit Stuffing!
Stuffing: Hungtar
DerpyStuffing: AlleyKat


Date created
Nov 22, 2013
Last update
Aug 28, 2016
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Derpy Stuffing Bags
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