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DKOne is broken! What do I do?

First, I'm sorry, let's try to get it sorted.

Do you have the latest version? You can try typing /dkone version in the chat frame to have it tell you the version number, otherwise check the date or filename versus the latest release on curse.

If you cant see anything on your screen, there are a few possibilities. Assuming it has worked before, it might be as simple as you have it set to hide out of combat or you have the alpha (transparency settings) to be fully transparent. Those setting are under Display Option on the Interface screen. Click the red plus if you don't see the subpages. You may also have it disabled or hidden it inadvertently. Enable addon is the top choice on the first page of the settings. It should be checked. You can also show and hide the addon using the command line /dkone show and /dkone hide.

It may also be that somehow you have moved all the pieces off your screen. If you don't have any important settings saved, just try resetting by hitting the Reset All Options button on the first page or typing /dkone resetall. Otherwise, you can check the position of each element in the configuration screen and see if it makes sense.

The first step if you are having problems is to turn blizzard lua error reporting on. Under Interface -> Game -> Help, check Display Lua Errors (Lua is the programming language addons are written in). If you are getting errors that mention DKOne, there is probably a problem.

If I didn't introduce a new bug with the latest version, often a common source of errors is that a new version of DKOne is trying to use configuration settings from an older version. These configuration setting are stored on your computer in a file. When a new version of DKOne is loaded, it's suppose to do a one time pass to make those old configuration files compatible with the new version. If DKOne creates lua errors on start up, that is a likely cause.

First, just try a reload by typing /reload That will just restart all the display elements on your screen from scratch. If you get more errors, next try resetting the configuration settings by either typing /dkone resetall or going into the configuration settings and hitting the big red Reset All Options to Default button the first page of the DKOne configuration pages. You have to hit OK after that. Now do another /reload

If that doesn't work, you are probably at the limit of what you can do. Try to copy the lua error, if you got one and post it here. I really don't need the super long list of every addon installed and all the game settings that the error may contain. I would mostly be interested in the first part that lists the line numbers, functions and files that the error occurred in.

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Date created
Sep 24, 2012
Last updated
Sep 24, 2012