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Updated for 5.1.0

January 28th, 2012, v50102

  • Fixed a bug with Purgatory Announce
  • Fixed a bug with moving secondary priority buttons

November 30th, 2012, v50101

  • Fixed bug with Vengence Aura on buttons

November 30th, 2012, v50100

  • Fixed bug with Blood Shield
  • Updated some of the default priorities
  • Changed Rime and Killing machine button text to show time left on buff
  • Added a number of new actions for priority lists

Updated for 5.0.5

September 28th, 2012, v50001.92

  • Just a simple bug. Fixed it. Shows up as an error in the rotation file.

September 28th, 2012, v50001.91

  • Detects when a target changes to unfriendly in order to correctly read their health.
  • Filters out Health less than 3 when recommending Soul Reaper, so it doesn't trigger on the low health target dummies.
  • Can tell when you are using Control Undead and won't recommend Raise Dead. Will also show you the duration on Control Undead on the Ghoul Duration buff button
  • Added several of the green MOP questing trinkets

September 23th, 2012, v50001.9

  • Added a new configuration page called Display Options. It has separate tabs for each part of DKOne that controls whether they are enabled and display out of combat. They also control the tranparency in and out of combat. So if DKOne suddenly seems greyed out a bit when not in combat that setting is here.
  • Added Options for trinkets. You can use trinket1 and trinket2 in your priority and cooldown actions. If you have an On Use trinket in the DKOne database equipped in those slots it will be display like any other action. Trinket1 is the top one, slot 13, trinket2 is the bottom one, slot 14. The database of trinkets includes all the Dragon Soul and valor trinkets from Cataclysm, as well as many of the new MoP trinkets. Its not necessarily complete, but I'll update it as the information becomes available. You can also show trinkets 1 and 2 on the buff buttons. Stacking, On Use, and trinkets with an ICD will all work there. It will show red text for the CD (On Use or the ICD) and the white text for buffs given by those trinkets.
  • On the first page of the configuration screen there are now options to completely turn off the ranged and AOE priorities if you want.
  • Also on the front page is an option to hide DKOne whenever you are in a vehicle. This is turned on by default.
  • Finally, there is also an option to hide the Blizzard Default Runes on the Player frame, assuming you are using the default player frame.
  • As I mentioned above trinkets were added to the buff button choices, I also added Dark Succor, and the new DPS potion (Mogu Power)
  • I also changed the Soul Reaper action to also trigger if the target has less than 150k in addition to less than 35%. This is helpful for leveling or trash packs where Soul Reaper is often your opener.
  • I updated the food and flask option for the new MoP food and flasks.
  • There were some minor changes and refinements for all the default priority lists.

September 6th, 2012, v50001.8

  • Fixed a bug related to the Glyph UI
  • Added option to update rotations to current default. There is a button to do this on each rotation tab.

September 1st, 2012, v50001.7

  • Internally tracks when you last cast pestilence, unholy blight, or blood boil (either with diseases recently spread or roiling blood). So that pestilence and blood boil with roiling blood can be used in AOE rotations now. pes is the key for pestilence and bbrb is the key to spread diseases with blood boil and the roiling blood talent.
  • Added necrotic strike, the key for use in rotations is ns.
  • Have started the process of allowing customized fonts. Right now you can change the font for all the displayed text to any of the 4 Blizzard standard fonts. The option is on the top configuration page. More customization is on the to do list, but its lower priority.
  • Added 4 new buffs to track with buttons; Frost Fever, Blood Plague, Runic Corruption, and Runic Mastery.
  • Fixed Rune of the Fallen Crusader, so it was being tracked even if you were in blood spec.

August 27th, 2012, v50001.61

  • Added all the new abilities and talents, like Soul Reaper and Plague Leech for example
  • Updated changed abilities, like Blood Tap and Blood Boil for example
  • You can hide zeros on timers for Runes, Dots, and the Runic Power Bar now
  • There are new rune configurations, like 1x6 Horizontal, 1x6 Vertical, and 6x1 Horizontal.
  • There are up to 8 buttons that the user can set to display various proccs and buffs, like Blood Charges (for Blood Tap), Blood Lust or Horn of Winter. These buttons can be configured by spec and will change automatically when you activate a different spec.
  • Split the Frost Priority into separate priorities, one for dual wield and one for 2 handers. Addon switches smoothly between them when you switch weapons.
  • Updated the priorities in the default settings

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