How to Move Things Around

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Short Answer

Unlock things by going to the configuration screen and unchecking the box labeled lock. When they are unlocked you can drag them around by left clicking on them. Remember to relock them when you are done moving them. Alternatively, just adjust the x and y coordinates directly in the configuration screen. You don't need to unlock anything to do it this way.

When moving or adjusting the proc or buff buttons, it is easiest to switch the button to show Horn of Winter until you have it moved to the right spot and looking like you want. Then swap it back to the buff you want to track with that button.

More Details

There are 3 separate UI elements, the 4 main buttons in the center of the screen showing the priority actions and cds, the rune frame with all its sub-elements, and last, the 8 buttons showing proccs and buffs. Each of these main elements has lots of sub elements like labels, secondary buttons, and additional bars. Some pieces move independently, but others are positioned relative to another. The WoW Ui typically positions each element (or frame) relative to either another element or the whole screen. The relative positioning is from one of 8 points around the edges of the frame or from the center. Clockwise they would be

  1. Top Left
  2. Top (center)
  3. Top Right
  4. Right (center)
  5. Bottom Right
  6. Bottom (center)
  7. Bottom Left
  8. Left (center)
  9. Center

Often I let the user choose which corner or corners to position elements relative to. Some elements are positioned relative to the screen as a whole. Hopefully the configuration screens are pretty clear about this. Things like text overlays are usually positioned relative to the center of the button or bar. Anything that you can move also has an x and y offset. These numbers are in terms of pixels. Positive x is toward the right of the screen and positive y is toward the top of the screen.

When you unlock something in the configuration screen, you can left click on it and drag it around. When you release it the new x and y offsets are saved. However, any configuration changes are only permanently saved when you have successfully logged out. If the client crashes you will lose any configuration changes you have made to any addon for that session. So I highly recommend you log out after making a lot of addon modifications.

If you move a top level element, it is going to move all the elements that are positioned relative to that element as well. For example moving the Rune Frame will move the Runic Power Bar, the Dot Timers, and the Blood Shield as well. So start with the main element and then position the sub elements.

While an element is unlocked you can't click through it, since it interprets that as trying to drag the element. So you can't target someone or place the targeting reticule if its under the element on the screen. This is why I recommend locking elements once you are done moving them around.

On the main configuration page (the top one under DKOne) is a slider that lets you scale all of the DKOne elements on the screen. This will make everything uniformly smaller or larger. The relative positioning will not change.

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Date created
Aug 28, 2012
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Sep 01, 2012