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Setting up your DK and DKOne for the push to 90

I'm planning to level DW frost for the most part. I feel like the ranged attack provided by Howling Blast is invaluable for tagging mobs and I spend most of my time AOEing down packs of 3-4 mobs or more. 2H is probably more single target burst for killing a single mob quickly over and over again with a short amount of downtime between each one. So it might make more sense if your gear isn't great and you cant manage large trash pulls.


  1. Unholy Blight I am using unholy blight for the trash mostly. Plague Leech might make sense from a theoretical point of view since you can strip diseases off mobs as they die for extra death runes, but I feel like I'm wasting a global doing that and most of my runes regenerate between each pack anyway.
  2. Anti-Magic Zone The others are fine for leveling, but I just feel better avoiding damage and not having to use resources to heal back up.
  3. Death's Advance Hands down the single best leveling talent we have. Put it somewhere handy and use it on CD.
  4. Death Pact Death Siphon is a perfectly valid alternative, Conversion is meh. With Death Pact you get a big 50% heal once every 2 minutes with no resource cost. Death Siphon gives you a small dependable heal that uses resources but also does some dps. It heals more than using those runes on Death Strike unless Dark Succor is up. The dps is less than if you used those runes on Howling Blast, but its respectable.
  5. Runic Empowerment Going to give you the most runes of the 3 rune regen talents.


  1. Anti-Magic Shell
  2. Dark Succor
  3. Death Grip
  4. Path of Ice
  5. Resilient Grip
  6. Tranquil Grip


I'm using Souldrinkers, Creche, and Bone-Link Fetish, but honestly the gear isn't that critical. I steamrolled the first 3 zones even on the premades with the 378 gear. With BiS you won't be replacing gear until Townlong Steppes most likely.

Setting Up DKOne


I used the following Priorities on the DW frost tab. If it looks like gibberish, you can just cut and paste it. Ill explain the changes at the end

DW Frost Rotation

Frost Rotation Priority

fpres dpsfoA dpsflA howbuff pil out srf ublight ffHB deathpact50 dssuc deathsiph75 plnokm rime bt10 fs88 fskm obkm10rp ob2u hb bt5 fs how erw

Ranged Priority

fpres howbuff out hb pl dc dnd how

AOE Priority

fpres howbuff pil bt5 srf ublight out ffHB deathpact50 dssuc deathsiph75 plnokm rime bt10 fs88 fskm obkm10rp dnd2u ob2u hb bt5 fs how erw

4 Number of Targets to Trigger AOE Priority

On the Cooldown Priorities Tab

Frost Cooldown Priorities

banner rd trinket1 trinket2 da erw army ams amz rw asphyx


I took out plague strike to apply blood plague since its usually a dps loss to apply it to fast dying mobs. Also removed death and decay and saved it for the AOE priority so I'm not wasting it on single mobs.

I added deathpact50 which uses Death Pact if your ghoul is out and you are less than 50% health. I also added dssuc, which is Death Strike if you have the 20% heal buff from dark succor and you are at 70% health or less. I also added deathsiph75, which is Death siphon if your health is below 75% in case you choose Death Siphon over Death Pact. Its ok to add actions to the priority even if you don't have that talent. It filters them out automatically.

I bumped up the AOE trigger slightly, all it really does is swap Outbreak and Unholy Blight and add Death and Decay

For cooldowns, I added banner. This is a cool action. It checks if you have a banner off cd in your bag, you are in combat and you don't already have the guild banner xp bonus. This should help you maximize your extra xp with less micromanaging.

I also added the new generic trinket actions. So if you have an On Use trinket equipped in either slot it will remind you to use them. I have many, but not all of the questing trinket programmed in.

I put deaths advance (da) in as a cooldown instead of as part of the range priority. it just felt smoother and more helpful that way to me. I try to use army on anything with more than 500k health.


I find a lot of the buff button displays are reassuring to see, but really aren't necessary. You should be calling your ghoul on CD hopefully as you are running to the fight and not after you have started.

I would recommend throwing trinket 1 and trinket 2 on buttons just so you can see how they work. Maybe buttons 6 and 8. I would also recommend putting up Dark Succor. To help you see when to use it.

Other Stuff

I would definitely Hide DKOne when in a vehicle (that's the default). I would probably turn off TTD (Time To Die).

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