Download Count

What it does

This script will fetch your addon page from the three major release sites and provide you with at total of the download counts from the sites.

To run this code you need to get socket. You can get it from: LuaForge.

Important Note

This is not an addon to be run in WoW. It is a developer utility if they are interested in knowing how many downloads they have from the three major release sites.

Where to get it

How to get it to work

Once installed, run it via:

lua5.1 DownloadCount.lua CurseID WoWUIID WoWIID

The CurseID is your ID on, WoWUIID is the ID on WoWUI and WoWIID is the ID on WoW Interface.

For example, with Ackis Recipe List it is:

lua5.1 DownloadCount.lua arl 5061 8512

With Querier, it would be:

lua5.1 DownloadCount.lua querier 6461 9072

For a working example, please take a look at the example page. You need to have Lua5.1 in your path with luasocket installed.

Known Issues

All known issues will be kept at the CurseForge tracker.

Please use the CurseForge tracker to file bug reports.

Wish List

Please use the CurseForge tracker to add suggestions and feature requests.

Bug Reporting

Please use the CurseForge tracker to file bug reports.



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Feb 22, 2011
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