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r2 | mackatack | 2010-12-17 16:48:16 +0000 (Fri, 17 Dec 2010) | 1 line
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   A /trunk/Data
   A /trunk/Data/A horse kicked me once, it hurt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/A ninja does not allow himself to be swayed by emotion, you are not worthy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/AHHHHHHH, my balls itch, AHHHHH, scratch my balls.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Abso-fucking-lutely.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ah god damn it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ah, ha ha ha ha ha shutup.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ah, shutup.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ah, we have sort of a problem here.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ahhhh, I'm burning, oh Jesus I'm burning.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/All to easy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Alright alright I apologize, I'm really really sorry, I apologize unreservedly.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Alright everybody, this is a fuckin raid.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Alright guys, you have your mission, go forth and wreak havoc.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Alright that's it, the next time out, you're my bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Alright zip it, when a problem comes along you must zip it, zip it good.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And by the way, suck my mother fucking dick.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And once again, forced to call a timeout.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And remember, we care.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And sometimes, the man puts his hoohoodilly in the woman's chacha.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And you love it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Another freakin' night and no pussy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Any day now momma.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Any men that don't wanna get killed, better clear on out the back.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Anything's possible with commander cuckoo bananas in charge.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Anytime.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Arcanite reaper, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you calling me a liar.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you like, being kinky and stuff.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you menstrating right now.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you ready.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you trying to piss me off.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Asshole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/At last we meet for the first time for the last time.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw Jesus fuck now he's gonna cry.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw fuck it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw man, that is rank.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw, god damn it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw, man that is rank.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aw, what happened, did your parents lose a bet with god.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Awe, damn it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aww crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Aww, you said a bad word.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Awwwwww, he's good.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Back the fuck up, backup.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bammmmmm.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Behold, am I not INVISIBLE.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Belch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Believe it or not.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bite me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bless me father for I have just killed quite a few men.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Blow me, just fucking blow me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boo B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boobies.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boom headshot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boring.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay, bow wow yippy yo yippy yay.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boy, did we get screwed.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Boys, avenge me, avenge me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Break yourself fool.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bring 'em on, I prefer a stratight fight to all this sneakin' around.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Brutality.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bullshit, I'll bet you can suck a golfball through a garden hose.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bullshit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bunghole bungholiooooooooooo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Burn in righteous fire.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bye shmoopy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Call for reinforcements.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Can we take a direct flight back to reality, or do we have to change planes in Denver.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Can't go on, need food.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Charge.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Choose your destiny.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Christ, if only we had their numbers.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Clean lemony fresh victory is mine.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come back you fat bearded bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come get some.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come my filthy stink children.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on baby, I got blessing of protection.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on don't bullshit me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on, do it, come get me, I'm here, do it now.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on, lets go.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on, move it, lard ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come on, stop trying to hit me, and hit me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come one, don't bullshit me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come quietly, or there will be trouble.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Come to papa.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Commence operation vacusuck.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Congratulations, you win a, adhesive medical strips.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Control control, you must gain control.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Conversation, like television set on honeymoon, unnecessary.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Cops don't like me, so I don't like cops.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Correctamundo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Crazy fool.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Crikey, I've lost my mojo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn I'm good.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn dude, that kid is fucked up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn we're smooth.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn you internet.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn, all you do is smoke weed.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn, you suck.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Damn.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dead or alive you're coming with me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Democrats piss me off.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Denied.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Did I do that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Did they give you an anal probe.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Did you hear what I said, fuck off.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Did you know I'm utterly insane.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Die you son of a bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Die, you insect.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do I make you horny baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do not go in there, woooo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do you find it hard to hide the fact that you're gay.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do you suck dicks.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do you want to touch my monkey.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do you, or do you not have a target.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Does this mean we're not friends anymore.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Doh B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Doh MEDLEY.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Doh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dominating B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dominating.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't be such a fucking chump.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't call me an asshole you son of a bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't do that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't fuck with the jedi master son.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't make me destroy you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't make me kick your ass, mmmm k.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't mess with me, I'm one crazy mofo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't mess with the bull young man, you'll get the horns.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't touch those, don't you ever touch my balls without asking.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, WHIP ahhhhh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Don't you know I would never say the word FUCK.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Double kill.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dude, decaf.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dude, that is so fucking weak.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dude, that kicked ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Eh, I'm sorry your answer must be in the form of a question.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/English mother fucker, do you speak it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Everybody and every creature has to poop some time.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ew, aw dude.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ew, that's disgusting.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excellent B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excellent C.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excellent, RIFF.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excellent.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excuse me, but I do believe that sucked ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Excuse me, you're ruining the magic.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Exterminate.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Extreme volgar frustration, got any TYLENOL.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fart ow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fatality.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fear my leet skills.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fear my moo of fury, moooo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Finally acknowledge that I'm the superior BEING.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Finish him.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/First blood B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/First blood.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Flawless victory B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Flawless victory.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Franks and beans.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you C.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you asshole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you fuck you fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you I'm out.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck, it's either me or them, you're getting fucked one way or another.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fuck.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fucking eat shit mother fucker.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Gee golly gosh, I sure am sorry I offended you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Get away from me sandwich boy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Get this through your head MOTHER.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Get to the chopper EXPLOSION.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Get with the fucking program.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Give me a buff so I can pwn like a pwn man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Go ahead, make my mellenium.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Go fuck yourself.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Go go go.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/God damn it I hate it I hate it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/God damn it, I'd piss on a spakplug if I thought it'd do any good.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/God fucking damn it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/God like B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/God like.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Good morning vietnam.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Good question, but I don't care.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Good show, jolly good show major.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Goodnight children.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Got has a hardon, because be kill everything we see.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha C.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha ha ha ha, idiotic human.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha ha ha ha, shutup.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha ha ha ha.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ha ha.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hallelujah.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Happy for the rest of your LIFE.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Have you considered therapy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Have you ever heard the expression, the customer is always right.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/He he he he he he he he.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/He's dead Jim.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/He's evil I tell you, evil.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/He's gonna take a leak, get out of the way.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Headshot B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Headshot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hear you nothing that I say.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hee hee, I win, in your face, ya, how do you like them apples.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hell I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Help you I can, yes, mmmmmmm.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Here I come to say the day.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Here's a nice piece of shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey bud, what's your problem.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey guys, how's it goin'.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey hang on you guys, I'll be right back TAKING A DUMP.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey hey, you wanna join my guild.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey laser lips, your momma was a snow blower.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey try not to suck any dick on the way from the parking lot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey, how you doin.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey, look who's back.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey, what's wrong baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hey, you made me spill my beer.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hi shmoopy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hi tushy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hold on, let me get high.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Holy crap, that's awesome.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Holy fucking shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Holy shit B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Holy shit C.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Holy shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Hot damn.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Houston, we have a problem.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/How many assholes we got on this ship anyhow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Howdy ho B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Howdy ho.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Huh B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Huh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Humiliation.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am invincible, invincible, ye ow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am invincible.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am shocked and shagrined, mortified and stupified.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am so smart, I am so smart, S M R T, I mean S M A R T.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am the bigger and the stronger of all the girly men.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I believe you have my stapler.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I bet your the kind of guy to fuck a person in the ass REACHAROUND.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I cannot accept that course of action.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I did not.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I didn't do it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I do the asskicking around here.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't give a fuck.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't know what I'd say, but if I don't die, I will be a success.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't know.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't play well with others.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't remember askin' you a god damn thing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't think that's funny.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I don't understand this fucking question.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I fart in your general direction.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I fart on your grave.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I got no problem with that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I guess I'm just not smart enough.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I guess I'm really fucked now.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I hate those frickin' things.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I have a good feeling about this, humans being destroyed, it's DELICIOUS.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I have no time for the jibber jabber.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I haven't got time, for this Mickey Mouse bullshit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I just can't do it captain, I don't have the power.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I love crack, I'm absolutely cuckoo for crack.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I love it when a plan comes together.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I love you man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I offer a complete and utter retraction, motivated purely by MALICE.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I pity myself that I gotta be with these fools.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I say we blow the fuckers up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I see dead people.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I smell varmint poontang.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I suggest you run away, fast.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think I speak for everyone here when I say huh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think I tore my sack.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think a certain finesse is called for here, yarghhhhh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think we got a hacker.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think you need your balls reattached.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I think, I shall now be sick.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I threw my back out humping your mom last night.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I uh, I don't like my job, and uh I don't think I'm going to go anymore.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I wanna know the connection between the elves and the nazis.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I want my baby back baby back baby back RIBS.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I was abused too man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I wouldn't bet on it, crazy man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll be back.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll be damned if I'm gonna clean up this mess.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll be watchin you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll blow this place up and be home in time for corn flakes.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll buy that for a dollar.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll cut off your johnson.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll stomp all you girly monsters.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'll take anal bum cover for seven thousand.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm 10 years old but I'll beat your ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm Rick James bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm about to piss mysself.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm back baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm dead sexy, you are crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm funny how, HERE TO AMUSE YOU.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm going to kill you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna barbecue your ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna get you boy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna have to open a can of whoop ass on you now.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna show you how to kick ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna shut that big mouth of yours.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm gonna to spank you like a little red headed stepchild.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm having bad dreams, and I poop a lot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm just gonna step outside and go wee wee.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm just trying to get a rise out of you that's all, for shits and giggles.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm not to be triffled with.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm on your lilke stink on shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm outta here.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm sexy, I'm cute, I'm popular to boot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm so wasted.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm sorry, I'm sorry.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm sorry.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm very disappointed.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm waiting.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I'm your huckleberry.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I've been wearing the same underwear since Tuesday.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I, am surrounded by freaks.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/If I may be so blunt, who gives a shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/If it bleeds, we can kill it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/If that happens once more, I'm gonna have your balls for breakfast ok, yeah Denny's style, ok.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/If you can't be at least mildly interesting, then shut the hell up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Impressive.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/In-fuckin-credible.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Inconceivable.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for ten seconds.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Is it wrong that I was totally aroused by that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Is there any way of getting in and out of this place without this happening all the time.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It doesn't make any sense, any fucking sense.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It isn't fair, you god damn assholes, it isn't fair.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's alive, it's alive, it's alive.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's all a bunch of tree hugging hippy crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's impossible.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's just a flesh wound.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's no hassle SHH.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's not the size of the hammer that counts, it's how you wield it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's official, you suck.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's soo big, ahem.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It's such a shame you can't see what finger I'm holding up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jesus christ, who do the fuck do you think you're talking to.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jesus, I gotta learn how to fight, this is pathetic.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Just when I think you've said the stupidest thing ever, you keep talkin'.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kick ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kick him.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Killing spree B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Killing spree.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kiss my entire ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kiss my sagging ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kisses.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kuzko, Goooow you threw off my groove.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Lap dogs, all of you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Less talk and more action.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Let a man take a crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Let this be a reminder to you all, that this organization will not tolerate failure.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Lets get ready to rumble.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Light sabres.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Light, give me strength.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Look at me, I'm happy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Look at the screen you dumb shit, I'm trying to get your attention.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Looser.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ludicrous kill.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Mama mia, that's a spicey meatball.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Man that's crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Man, you are one pathetic loser.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Maybe I'm losing my sex appeal.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Me so horny.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Medic.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Monster kill.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/More dots, throw more dots, more dots, more dots, come on more dots.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Most humble and grateful, thanks to you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Move it move it move it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Multikill.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My advice to you, start drinking heavily.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My balls are burning.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My bunghole hole, it goes BRACACACA.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My business, is done.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My dad says you're a joke and I don't have to listen to you, fuck off.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/My nipples are hard just thinking about it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Name your poison.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Name's Ash, housewares.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Nice move, beautifully done.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No no no B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No no no.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No problemo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No soup for you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No way.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Nooooo B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Nooooo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now I have to face stupid reality again.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now here it is, your moment of zen.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now it is time to play.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now lets all get drunk and play ping pong.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now was that smart, shrood, good tactics, or STUPID.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now, are you sitting comfortably, good, then we'll begin.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now, that was some straight up David Copperfield shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh god, oh god, oh oh my god.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh jesus, RESIST THE ASS.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh my god, what the hell is that thing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh my god, you sick little monkey.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh my god.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh shit B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh well, plan b, lets just kill each other.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh what are you gonna do ya pervert.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh yeah baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh yeah.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh you people can kiss the fattest part of my ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, I'm so scared.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, I'm sorry, you're crying like a woman.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, behave.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, blow it out your ass.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, don't be a party pooper.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, who did this to you, this is just not right, in fact it's nasty.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, you shit faced cock master.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, you think so.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh, you're so bad.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ok, everybody get in a line so I can whoop all your asses.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ok, that does it, screw you guys I'm going home.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ok, that was a good practice children, we'll see you hear again tomorrow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Okay, bendover.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/One of us is in deep trouble.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Onyxia WIPE.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, I like it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, I'm sensing some hostility.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, frisky are we.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, he-yeah, this is too easy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, hurt me baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, is that all the thanks I get for a night of hot sex.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, nasty.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oooh, that's gotta hurt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oops.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Open fire.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ouch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Out of my way dumb dumb, I'm gonna kick some butt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Outstanding.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ow HOMER IN SEVER PAIN.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ow, you shot me, you ahole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ownage.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pardon my french, but you're an asshole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Payback's a motha fuck ain't it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Peon, That's it, I'm dead.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Personally, I think you're a fucking idiot.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pest, do you have any idea how hard it is to get one of those.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Prepare to attack, all hands, battle stations.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Prepare to die.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Prepare to fight.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Private Pile, 3 seconds, SKULL.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Put down your weapon, you have 20 seconds to comply.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Questing for fuckin FUN.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ra ha ha.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Rampage.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Relax toots, don't get your panties in a bunch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Remember Sally when I promised to kill you last, I lied.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Revenge is so very very sweet.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Rofl.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Roger that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Run away.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Run for your life.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Run forest run.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Run home and cry to momma.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SMACK, Thank you sir, may I have another.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Another One Bites The Dust.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Benny Hill.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Darth Vader.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Dee Dee.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Eminem, Ass like THAT.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Final Jeopary Final Round.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Futurama Beat Box.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Go Go PowerRangers.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Gonorrhea.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Hammer, Can't touch this B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Hammer, Can't touch this.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Hammer, Stop hammer time.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Humpty Dance.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG I Feel Good.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Ice Ice Baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Live To Win.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Matrix.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Michigan J Frog, Hello Baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Mission Impossible.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Mortal Kombat.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Ninja Rap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Secret Lovers.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Star Wars.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Staying Alive.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG That's The Way Uh Huh Uh Huh I Like It.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG The Monster Mash.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Twilight Zone.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SONG Were You Born An Asshole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Applause.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Austin Laugh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Beavis Laugh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Boing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Cat meow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Chaching.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Chicken charge.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Cough.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Crickets.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Dragnet.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Duck quacking.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Dukes Of Hazard Horn.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Fan Fare Music.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Fart.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Farts.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Goat.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Godzilla Roar.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Homer Despair.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Howard Dean Scream.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Laugh.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Old Western Showdown.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Price Is Right, Lose Noise.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Sheep.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Snare.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Snore.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Star Wars, Blaster.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Star Wars, Chewy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Star Wars, Tuskan Animal.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Stutter.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Super Mario, Death.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Tarzan Yell.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Transformers, Scene Transition.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Turkey gobble.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SOUND Whip crack.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Say hello to my little friend.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Say what again, say what again, MOTHA FUCKER.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Screw you guys, I'm going home.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Screw you hippy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/See this, this is my boomstick.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Seven chipmonks childrens tale from the sea THINGY.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sha, and monkeys might fly out of my butt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shall we play a game.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shitting on the toilet for an extraordinary long amount of time.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shut the fuck up B.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shut the fuck up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shut up you little slut.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shut your noise tube.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shutup dildo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Shutup fool.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Silence, you mental midget.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/So, are we gonna screw soon, cause I'm gettin' kind of antsy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Something is broke, and it's not your fault.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Son let me tell you a story about a young man who came here and FAILED.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Son of a bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sounds like a really crappy plan, but ok.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Monday's.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stay on target, stay on target.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Step down here and say that sucker.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stings the nostrils, in a good way.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stop it, stop what you're doing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stop running you fat slimeball.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stop whining.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stupid, you're so stupid.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sucky sucky 5 dollar.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Superb.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Surprise asshole, I bet you never saw this coming.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Swallow it and shut the fuck up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sweet merciful crap.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sweet mother of god, what is the holdup.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sweet.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ta ra ra boom de yay, did you get yours today, that's why I walk this WAY.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Take it easy when you talk to me okay.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Take that pecker head.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Take that spaceboy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Test your might.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Thank You Mr Know It All.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Thank you very much.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That crazy dancin makin' my penis soft.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That felt like a round from an AK-47.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That makes me angry, mr biggles WORTH.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That piece of shit up there I never liked him I never trusted him.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That son of a bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That sounds pretty sweet to me.mp3
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack01.lua
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack01.toc
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack01.xml

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