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r6 | mackatack | 2010-12-15 11:24:41 +0000 (Wed, 15 Dec 2010) | 1 line
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   A /tags/v3 (from /trunk:5)

tag the release without debugging code
r5 | mackatack | 2010-12-15 11:24:19 +0000 (Wed, 15 Dec 2010) | 1 line
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   M /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack04.lua

up the version number
r4 | mackatack | 2010-12-15 11:16:50 +0000 (Wed, 15 Dec 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack04.lua

removed debugging code, was causing conflics with other addons
r2 | mackatack | 2010-12-13 15:04:20 +0000 (Mon, 13 Dec 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /trunk/Data
   A /trunk/Data/A game of chess.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/A real piece of shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/A real piece of work.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/All part of the plan.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Amateur.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/And here we go.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Are you pondering what i`m pondering.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Austin Powers - Fat Bastard - Sorry i farted.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Austin Powers - Fat Bastard - Where is your shitter.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Austin Powers - I`ve got bigger titties then you do.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bark Dino.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bark Redman.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Because i fuckin rule.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Bob Ross - Happy painting and god bless.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Borat - Do you want touch one and other.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Borat - I do not care.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Borat - Tight like a man`s anus.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Borat - When do we have sexy intercourse.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Borat - You want to do a wrestle.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Buggs Bunny - What`s up doc.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Can i stay with you tonight.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Charge stadium.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Cough Patrick.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Cry baby.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Daffy Duck -  Help.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Daffy Duck - Make up our minds.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Daffy Duck - Your Despicable.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dexter - Without intelligence.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Do you realise that this is a big problem.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dont give me additude.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dredd - I am the law.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Dude, you`re the man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Elmer Fudd - Something screwy going on around here.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Elmo - So happy to see you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Elmo - Uuhh i dont know.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Elmo Song.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Epic fail.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Family Guy - The bird is the word.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Farrrt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Fight club.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Frank drebin.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Good evening ladies and gentlemen.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Guess who`s back.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Handsome and not remotly fat.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Have you lost your mind.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/How can you just sit there and watch this happen.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/How many chicks did you sleep this year.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/How you gonna breastfeed me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I ain`t got time to bleed.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am in intense pain.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am mcLovin.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am the clit commander.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I am the master of the clit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I dont believe thats true at all.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I dont think it`s nice you`re laughing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I dont think you`re happy enough.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I dont wanna hear about you and your boyfriends, go jerk off.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I feel like an asshole.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I got piss on me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I got some questions.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I hope you get a virus, you and your computer.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I love the smell of napalm in the morning.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I meant to do that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I smell cookies.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I want you to be on my team.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I wany my money.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m Rick James bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m a mushroom cloud layin mothafucka.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m coming to get you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m gonna get my drink on.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m kinda flabbergasted when you say things like that.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m ready I`m ready.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m ready eady eady eady.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m sure that we can handle this maturely.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/I`m taking you of my buddy list bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Is that your nose or did a bus park on your face.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/It`s like god`s vagina.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Its the power of Christ that compels you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jim Carrey - Caffeine will kill ya.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jim Carrey - Holy testicle tuesday.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jim Carrey - That was below the belt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Jim Carrey - The most annoying sound in the world.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Johnny Bravo - I feel like i was in the twilight zone or something.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Johnny Bravo - I`m gonna make your dreams come true.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Johnny Bravo - Life is cruel.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Johnny Bravo - My blanky.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kick him in the ding ding.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Kidsgames.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Laugh retard.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Lets not take a fuckin minute, lets go again.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Life`s like a box of chocolates.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Michael Jackson.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/No problemo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Noob.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Now you see how bad things can get.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oh joy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ooh good for you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Oops i farted.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ozzy Osbourne - That went down like a nun`s knickers.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Don`t you know i`m loco.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Droopy - Don`t forget to touch the beanbag.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Droopy - Oh oh oh, i`m done.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Droopy - Oh yea there we go.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Droopy - You know you want it, yes you do.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Put it there.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Take that you bitch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - Take that you nincumpoop.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pablo - You little whore, you know you want it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Peace.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Pimpin.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Playa playa.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Prepare to be astonished.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Put on our place.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Put that cookie down.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Ren Stimpy - You filthy swine, i will kill you.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Respect.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - A Shotsgarrooski.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Aargghhk A.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Ahh dude thats funny as shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Allright you scallywags.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Blablabla.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Clubmembers.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Cripple fight.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Have a good day.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Hot Scissoring.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - Plundering.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - thats good but now go arrghhk.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/SP - your doing it all wrong.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sanka, you dead man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Slim shady.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Baywatch.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Borat.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Fuck you Lily Allen.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song I like to move it move it.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Jump Around.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song No good for me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song One Vision.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Rick Astley.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Skippy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song The bird is the word.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song Tubular bells.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song what what in the butt.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Song yeah.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Sparta - This is madness.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Steve Irwin - Beautiful girl.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Steve Irwin - Crikey.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Steve Irwin - Fangs.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Stop before i throw up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Team America - Kim Yong -  Do you have any idea how fuckin busy i am.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Team America - Kim Yong - Hello Herrow.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Team America - Kim Yong - Open your fuckin ears.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Team America - Kim Yong - Why is everyone so fuckin stupid.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That`s all folks.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That`s fucking disgusting.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/That`s some greasy shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/The fuck are you doing.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/These boys killed my dog.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/They deserve to die.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/They`re here.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Think for one fuckin second.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Throw up.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Too bad you have to die.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Transforming sound.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Unagi.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Watch the language.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/We are going to die.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/We`re gonna get our drinks on.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Well i`m back.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Wet fart.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/What kind of place is this.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/What`s up guys.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Wheres my bitches.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/White man`s excuses.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Who told you you can eat my cookies.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Why does this keep happening to me.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Worms cya.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Worms slacker.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Worms stupid.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Wrong.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Yada yada.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Yea right, and pigs fly.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Yeah.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Yes we can.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You better stop, or else.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You can`t be interruptin my flow like this.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You guys got alot of porno.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You heard me, i said ho mo homo.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You lying sack of shit.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You pussy.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You were awfull dreadfull.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You`re an amateur.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/You`re bleeding man.mp3
   A /trunk/Data/Your lies are like bananas.mp3
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack04.lua
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack04.toc
   A /trunk/DomDom_SoundPack04.xml

import for cata
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   A /branches
   A /tags
   A /trunk

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