Change log

Version 2.9.9 (May 23th 2013)

  • Bumped TOC to 50300.

Version 2.9.8 (March 6th 2013)

  • Bumped TOC to 50200.

Version 2.9.7 (November 29th 2012)

  • Added changes to the repository and tagged release directly from the repository.

Version 2.9.6 (November 29th 2012)

  • Bumped TOC to 50100.

Version 2.9.5 (September 22nd 2012)

  • Bumped TOC to 50001.

Version 2.9.4 (November 30th 2011)

  • Bumped TOC to 40300.

Version 2.9.3 (November 23rd 2011)

  • Added support for Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Version 2.9.2 (August 12th 2011)

  • Repaired localization fonts for some languages.

Version 2.9.1 (August 6th 2011)

  • Fixed "Invalid escape code in chat message" error.

Version 2.9 (July 31th 2011)

  • Added message throttling.

Version 2.7.5 (July 13th 2011)

  • Repaired toc file.

Version 2.7.4 (June 29th 2011)

  • Bumped TOC to 40200.

Version 2.7.3 (April 27th 2011)

  • Bumped TOC to 40100.

Version 2.6.3 (January 27th 2011)

  • Improved memory usage.

Version 2.6.2 (December 31th 2010)

  • Resetting the configurations to the defaults will now properly reset the minimap button to the default position.

Version 2.6.1 (December 31th 2010)

  • Resetting the configurations to the defaults will now properly enable the minimap button immediately.

Version 2.6 (December 31th 2010)

  • Added option to disable the minimap button.

Version 2.5.2 (December 30th 2010)

  • Added minimap button.

Version 2.4.2 (October 13th 2010)

  • Bumped TOC to 40000.

Version 2.4.1 (October 7th 2010)

  • Removed duplicate lib files.

Version 2.4 (October 6th 2010)

  • Will now always allow a duel request to go through if you have the alt key or the control key pressed when someone requests you to duel them.

Version 2.3 (October 4th 2010)

  • Now using WhoLib for who requests.

Version 2.2.2 (September 11th 2010)

  • Localizations are now acquired directly from Curse.
  • Added support for Cataclysm Beta.
  • All localizations have been moved to a single file.

Version 2.2.1 (August 21st 2010)

  • Fixed Russian localizations not working.
  • I messed up again. Sorry!

Version 2.2 (August 20th 2010)

  • Added Russian localization.
  • I messed up the version numbers last update. Sorry about that.

Version 2.1.1 (August 13th 2010)

  • Added missing localizations to French, German and Spanish localizations.

Version 2.1 (July 29th 2010)

  • Added option to decline all duels.
  • Will now decline duels if you have Resurrection Sickness with an option to be disabled.

Version 2.0.5 (July 29th 2010)

  • Fixed some problems with the French localization.
  • Fixed some problems with the German localization.

Version 2.0.4 (July 18th 2010)

  • Will no longer show mana related configurations in the options window for players that do not use mana.
  • Localized the TOC file.

Version 2.0.3 (July 16th 2010)

  • Fixed bug that would decline duels because it thinks you are flagged for PvP when you are not.
  • Fixed bug that would decline duels incorrectly based on health and mana levels.
  • Added options to adjust the minimum health and mana that is required to recover before declining a duel.
  • Will no longer open the "Who List" window when you receive a duel request.
  • Will now correctly detect enemy players.
  • Configurations are now saved per character instead of globally.
  • Added Spanish localization.

Version 2.0.2 (July 11th 2010)

  • Repaired higher level player checking.

Version 2.0.1 (July 10th 2010)

  • Repaired localizations and configuration saving.

Version 2.0.0 (July 10th 2010)

The entire addon has been rewritten from the ground up.

  • Duel requests from higher level players are now declined automatically.
  • Added French and German localization.
  • Added options window and slash command "/duelresponse" that may be used to open the options window.
  • The slash command "/on" has been replaced by "/duelresponse pvp on".
  • The slash command "/off" has been replaced by "/duelresponse pvp off".
  • The slash command "/duelresponse pvp" may be used to toggle the setting on and off.

Version 1.0.2 (June 22nd 2010)

  • DuelResponse no longer runs the /who command on players of the opposite faction.
  • DuelResponse now auto-declines duels while you are marked as DND.
  • DuelResponse now auto-declines duels while you are flagged for PvP (at your request). (1,2)
  • DuelResponse now auto-declines duels when you have less than 10% health or mana.

1. Why does DuelResponse have this feature? Well, have you ever been killed by an enemy player after winning/losing a duel while flagged for PvP? It's annoying, isn't it?

2. This feature is off by default, but can be turned on with the /on command, while /off turns it off. Simplicity FTW!

Version 1.0.1 (June 16th 2010)

  • Initial Release.


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