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Destroy items by picking them up and pressing the [Delete] key or by Alt-Shift-Right-Click on the item. Comes with a safe list and makes you do it twice on green or better items and quest items.

Note: The other EasyDestroy page is broken (see ticket #755).

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    • Any comments containing bug reports or feature requests will be deleted on sight and any comments asking where or why (referring to said comments) will also be deleted on sight.


/ed notify
Toggle notifications.
/ed showoptions
Open the options menu.
/ed toggle
Toggle EasyDestroy
/ed showsafe
Print safe list.
/ed add [item link]
Add an item to the safe list (use Shift-Click or type the item's name).
/ed remove [item link]
Remove an item from the safe list (use Shift-Click or type the item's name).
/ed keyboard
Toggle Keyboard Shortcuts on/off.
/ed options
Show the options frame. (new in v200810210854)

Keyboard Shortcuts (pick up an item and the do the shortcut)

[DELETE] Delete the item in hand.
[CTRL-S] Add the item to the safe list.
[CTRL-R] Remove the item from the safe list.
  • These are no longer hard-coded. If any are already bound to something else (e.g. CTRL-S toggles the sound), then these will not be set at load time.


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Date created
Oct 21, 2008
Last update
Oct 25, 2012
Development stage
Written or Edited by Eric Gingell
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