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When reporting bugs, or suggesting new features, please use the Ticket Tracker located at http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/easy-portal-adver/tickets/ - I don't get emailed about new comments on the EPA Curse page, but I do get emailed about new tickets on CurseForge. This will ensure that your problem or suggestion is looked at in hours and not weeks. You use the same login on CurseForge as you do on Curse.

No matter how small or insignificant you think your bug/suggestion is, I want to know. If its a problem, I want to fix it. If its a suggestion, I'll seriously consider adding it.


At its core, Easy Portal Advert (EPA) allows you to quickly and easily display an advert for your portal services in the Trade channel. However, it does this and much more.

Easy Portal Advert

This is the main function of the addon. It allows you to send a portal advert to the Trade channel, or even to a General channel. You have total control, and can change the prices of your portals or the channel number it sends to (in case you don't use the default /2 for Trade, for example).

Cooldown Monitor

This plugin simply tells you when things come off cooldown; you have the option of playing a sound as well.

  • Portals
  • Hearthstones
  • Some spells, such as Ice Barrier, Time Warp and Ice Block.


Use /epa help to see all commands used by the AddOn.

When setting a price, please be sure to include the currency. Some people I know charge silver instead of gold for portals. So you would type something like /all 5g.


The three plugins (Cooldown Monitor, Refreshments and Whispers) are packaged as seperate AddOns, so you can disable the ones you don't want or need.

  • You must be Level 42 or higher to display adverts. This prevents spamming Trade with adverts for a service you can't provide yet.
  • You must be Level 74 or higher to use the Whispers plugin.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Alerts you when portals, spells, and even your Hearthstone finish their cooldowns (with an optional sound alert).
  • No need for macros.
  • Simple to learn commands.
  • Informative help.
  • Cooldown Monitor tells you when you can cast portals again, as well as a few other Mage spells such as Time Warp and Ritual of Refreshment. It even tells you when you can use your Guild Cloaks to teleport to your faction's main city.
  • Prices can be changed quickly and easily to better reflect the current portal prices on your server.
  • Uses very little memory (253KB is the highest I've seen, and 49KB is the lowest).
  • Tells you when your Conjure Refreshment spells will create something new.
  • Set a custom keyword which people can whisper to you for a price list.
  • Advert displayed varies according to your level.
    • Example: A level 50 Alliance Mage would show an advert for portals to the Alliance capitals and Theramore, whereas a Level 85 Horde Mage would show an advert for portals to the Horde capitals, Shattrath, Stonard, Dalaran and Tol Barad.


  • Thanks to EPA user MadJackedMike for suggesting that I add both the ability to set a seperate price for Shattrath portals and the Return Journey feature.
  • Thanks to Neiwa (Chamber of Aspects EU), Ketho (Boulderfist EU) and others for testing.


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Oct 03, 2010
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Aug 24, 2016
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