ElvUI / Tukui - Improved Currency Datatext

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Verbose Mode

ElvUI / Tukui - Improved Currency Datatext

This addon implements a tooltip for the existing ElvUI / Tukui "currency" datatext. When you hover the mouse over the datatext, a tooltip will appear that contains information for both tracked and untracked currencies.

Before you respond that the "gold" datatext already displays currencies, let me explain how this tooltip can help. I like to have the currency datatext visible in order to keep track of only two currencies (JP and VP). Currencies that are "tracked" will show up in this datatext. So now let's say I wanted to use the "gold" datatext to periodically check on Tol Barad Commendations. Unfortunately because it is not tracked it does not show up on the "gold" datatext tooltip. Adding Tol Barad Commendations to the tracked will cause it to show up in the "gold" datatext tooltip, but it also shows up in the "currency" datatext making it too large to fit nicely. As such, I thought it helpful to have the tooltip display counts for all currencies that are not in an "unused" state (i.e. both tracked and untracked currencies).

Change Log

  • Version 0.6: Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause PvP currency and limits to show as "0"
  • Version 0.5: Added beta support for Tukui positions 1-8
  • Version 0.4: Added support for datatext positions 9-14
  • Version 0.3: Turned off debug mode (will stop spamming the chat window)
  • Version 0.2: Added verbose mode (now default)

The tooltip can be displayed in three modes:

Verbose Mode (default)

The tooltip will display current counts and a detailed breakdown showing how a particular currency was obtained (see screenshot).

Normal Mode

The tooltip will show you some extra information as it pertains to weekly and max caps. For instance, Justice and Honor points will indicate a value of x/4000 where x is the number of points with a max cap of 4000. Currencies with a weekly cap are presented in a format similar to x (y/z) where x is the current numer of points and y/z is the number of points earned that week and the weekly cap. A breakdown containing details of how a currency was obtained are not displayed.

Simple Mode

The tooltip will only display currency name and count. No information is provided on either weekly or total caps.


  • Simple tooltip mode: /euic simple
  • Normal tooltip mode: /euic normal
  • Verbose tooltip mode: /euic verbose
  • Toggle display of tooltip icons: /euic icons
  • Toggle display of tooltip unused items: /euic unused

Other Information

This addon is "stand alone" and should be installed like any other addon (i.e. does not require special install or modification of ElvUI code).

While the screenshot shows that currency icons are displayed in the tooltip, the Blizzard UI will only support 10 icons in the tooltip at one time. If you have more than 10 currencies, the tooltip will not break, but icons on the 11th line and after will be missing. I might try to implement a custom tooltip to support more icons if there is enough interest.

I don't know if this works with Tukui or not (it has only been tested against ElvUI 2.1.6)

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Jul 17, 2011
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Aug 01, 2011
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