Change log


NOTE: 2.2.0 is a minor release update, and as such is NOT compatible with 2.1.x

  • Meter Display
    • Individual days have been removed, all modes now function off the All-time set
    • Revamped Auctions mode
    • Added Attendance mode (period configurable in the interface options)
    • Added Transfers mode
    • Added Activity mode (days since last raid)
    • Added Vanity mode
    • Added Vanity Roll mode (auto-populated when a vanity roll is performed)
  • Bid Interface
    • Added option to submit bid upon pressing enter (disabled by default)
  • Action Panel
    • Added Versions tab (displays versions of all other EminentDKP users)
  • Added DKP decay
    • Can be scheduled on any day(s) of the week with the regular automatic scan (see officer options)
    • NOTE: By default no days are scheduled, so don't worry about it being on by default
  • Added event signing to sync requests. This prevents syncing across potentially different databases.
  • Added a database reset command
    • To reset your own database type /edkp reset
    • For officers you may reset all users' databases by typing /edkp reset all
      • NOTE: A confirmation window is given to other officers
  • Bid restrictions are now imposed on gear a player cannot use (see LibCanUse-1.0)
    • This prevents bidding on gear a player obviously can or should not use
    • NOTE: If it cannot be determined if the player can/should use an item, they are allowed to bid
  • Officer options now automatically sync between officers
    • NOTE: A notification is given when the options have synced from another officer
  • Only players from the same guild as the ML are added to the database now
  • Various GUI improvements
  • Improved error system. No longer will there be random nil value errors, if stuff cannot be found a useful error message is given.
  • ML meter window now updates like everybody else after an event occurs.
  • Fixed bug with auction raid message stating 30 seconds left no matter what.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the wrong item would be shown as the current auction in the auction frame (this fixes many errors users have seen).
  • ML runs notifications locally now instead of from the addon channel (fixes some issues users were experiencing)
  • Fixed long-standing ML name finding bug (should fix all red-box bid errors and unable to transfer problems)


  • Fixed LUA error for fresh installs with the new database rebuild functionality
  • Reverted addon channel registration workaround (for now, until Blizzard tries again?)


  • Fixed communication problems related to failed addon channel prefix registrations (thanks Blizzard)
  • Fixed version update notification (hopefully)


  • Fixed combat log parsing error
  • TOC bump for 4.1


  • Fixed incorrectly truncated maximum slider values in the action panel (fixes invalid amount error when using the slider to select the max)
  • Fixed malfunctioning rename operation for officers
  • Added a rebuild command (/edkp rebuild) that will rebuild the database (really only useful to correct bugfixed events)
  • Updated AceComm for 4.1 addon prefix filtering
  • Updated AceGUI TabGroup


NOTE: 2.1.0 is a minor release update, and as such is NOT compatible with 2.0.x, 1.9, etc

NOTE: If upgrading from < 2.0 then first upgrade to 2.0.4 then upgrade to 2.1.0

  • Players who are "fresh" (have never lost/earned anything) are now purged after the inactivity time
  • Fixed version broadcast timer being re-created on every UI refresh
  • Fixed a calculation error for the bounty (occurred when importing from 1.9): requires a re-sync to fix
  • Fixed a recurring issue with failed masterlooting (due to full inventory, etc) resulting in an LUA error (hopefully)
  • All officer slash commands have been removed (except for /edkp auction)
  • Officers can now issue adjustments on an individual player basis
  • A meter display has been created to view rankings, items won, balances, and more
  • An action panel has been created to facilitate transfers and all admin capabilities (gear icon on top of meter display)
  • A bidding interface has been created: visually bid and track the progress (and outcome) of each auction
  • On-screen notifications have been added for bountys, transfers made/received, auctions won, and adjustments made/received
  • Interface options have been completely overhauled and allow for 99% customization of the addon
  • A slash command has been added to open the interface options (/edkp options)
  • Localization support has been added, currently the only language supported is enUS
  • A database revision was made to convert player classes to English classnames (DEATHKNIGHT, WARRIOR, etc)
  • A database revision was made that also converts all stored datetimes into timestamps
  • Standings are no longer printed to the raid upon database scan
  • The sync system has been greatly optimized and also made smarter about event requests
  • Now functions inside a regular party (disabled by default)
  • Officer functionality auto-disabling options have been created for PVP and Party groups
  • Officer functionality is auto-disabled for 8s after logging in (or reloading UI) to ensure no sync is needed
  • The length of auctions is now configurable
  • Many more optimizations


  • Fix potential loophole in player existence checks when enabling masterlooting after raid has formed
  • Prevent players who have never earned any DKP from being "expired" (these players will instead be "pruned" in 2.1)

NOTE: This will probably be the last release before 2.1


  • Fixed non-numeric amounts resulting in a LUA error for bids, transfers, and bountys
  • Removed rounding on bounty percentages (you should now be able to use 0.5 etc)
  • Fixed looting containers (should finally work now)
  • Fixed bounty reason logic
  • Fix for ineligible auction winners at time of awarding (will now loot to the ML if they can't receive the item)


  • Fixed current/lifetime standings printing everybody even when in raid
  • Fixed looting containers (such as Al'akirs Heart of Wind)


  • Fixed viewing standings outside of a raid (will now either show everybody in the raid, or show everybody)
  • Fixed viewing lifetime standings outside of a raid
  • Fixed a potential bug with database conversion

NOTE: When converting from 1.9 ensure you are guild rank 0 or 1, and are not in a raid.


  • Completely re-written using the Ace3 libraries (and some non-Ace3 libraries)
  • Database structure completely redone, and is now based off events
    • The database will now track everything relating to DKP: earnings from auctions on an individual player basis, which items were looted when, to whom, and from what, which class a player is, and earnings from bountys (viewing for all of this will be implemented in 2.1)
  • Vanity DKP exists in a pool of its own now
  • All admin functions have been converted into slash commands (see /edkp admin)
  • Loot rarity threshold for auctions is now configurable in the interface options
  • Raid disenchanter is now configurable in the interface options (admin command removed)
  • Expiration time (days until DKP expires) is now configurable in the interface options.
  • An admin command has been added to allow renaming of players
  • Multiple bids from the same person are accepted now. It will use the latest bid the person has given.
  • Players can no longer transfer DKP to themselves.
  • Basically all of the changes are under the hood, so at face-value the addon hasn't changed much, but literally everything is done differently now, and all of that will surface in 2.1 when the interface to all the new data is implemented.
  • Very robust sync and versioning system that ensures maximum data integrity across all occurrences of the addon.
  • NOTE: Version 2.0+ is NOT backwards compatible, have your ML install 2.0 and it will convert your old database to the new database, then have your raid members install from scratch and they will sync.


Uploaded on
Jun 13, 2011
Game version
  • 4.1.0
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