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EPGP Lootmaster

EPGP Lootmaster provides a nice GUI for distributing loot and GP to the raid. It sends a popup and a message to all raid members with the question wether they want the loot or not and sends this response to the master looter. The ML gets a nice list of every raider's choices sorted by EP/GP (more info on EPGP here).

Translators wanted!

We're currently looking for translators, please visit curseforge if you're interested in helping out.

Whisper system

This mod nolonger requires everyone in your raid to install it! Raid members can now just whisper the master looter with a simple message: /w masterlooter !epgp need/greed/pass [itemlink] This, however, will not send the current equipment to the master looter ui. It's still strongly suggested that everyone installs the mod, but it's nolonger mandatory. The master looter, of course, still needs to install it ;)


Just copy the epgp_lootmaster and epgp_lootmaster_ml directories from the zipfile to your addons directory or use the Curse Installer. When you configure your addons in wow you'll get two entries:
  • EPGP LootMaster - Core: Everyone in raid needs to enable this.
  • EPGP LootMaster - ML: Only Master Looter needs to enable this, most raiders will probably get dependency missing because EPGP isn't installed. This is no problem, just leave it disabled. The Master Looter however does need to install EPGP.


/lm options for some basic options.
  • Auto announce threshold: sets what kind of item raid members automatically get to see.
  • Auto looter: sets a raid members that will automatically receive BoE and BoU items below the threshold (for disenchantment or bank).
  • Listen for incoming monitor updates: Enabling this will make your client listen from updates from the master looter. It will show you the exact same interface as the master looter. This way you could help deciding who gets the loot.


Just install this mod on every raid member. Set someone up a master looter. As soon as the ML tries to loot something, epgp_lootmaster will detect it and will try to handle the distribution for you. epgp_lootmaster will also handle the GP distribution for you and should automatically disable the EPGP GP input popup. You can also manually disable this popup from the EPGP options panel. /lm version or /lm versioncheck This will show you an interface where you can see wether the members of your guild or raid have installed lootmaster and what version.

Additional functions

While it's not something that's endorsed by the EPGP system, EPGPLootmaster does have built in Voting and Bidding systems. You can configure these systems easily from the configuration panel (/lm config).

Bidding system

The bidding system allows players to place a custom GP bid for an item. The highest bidder wins the item. This works either by inputting your bid on the need/greed/pass selection popup, or by using the whisper system: /w masterlooter !epgp need [itemlink] [bid]

Voting system

The voting system allows the master looter to request help from the loot council to select a proper candidate for an item. This has been implemented because some guild want to use PR for the majority of their loot but sometimes they want to bypass and select a candidate manually, by placing votes. The configuration panel allows you to define who are the members of your loot council: either the assistants in your raid or a selection of ranks in your guild or both or everyone in your raid. You can configure as you see fit.

Let me know!

Please let me know what you think of my mod (good or bad). Your comments allow me to improve EPGPLootmaster so please don't hesitate to make tickets and add comments.

Bugtracker - create tickets here

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  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Nov 25, 2010 at 09:29 UTC - 0 likes

    Heya Fuoco,

    Things are quite busy irl atm, i will prolly take a look at them in a week or so. Until then i will only try to fix defects asap.

  • Avatar of Fuoco Fuoco Nov 25, 2010 at 09:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi mackatack, you there mate? Check the new tickets, some useful improvements!

    Fuoco - Pulling aggro from tanks since 2006

  • Avatar of Jiminimonka Jiminimonka Nov 13, 2010 at 20:08 UTC - 0 likes

    Talk to Alkis, EPGP 6 is moving along at a rapid pace!

  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Nov 02, 2010 at 09:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Voting and bidding system are no longer in beta and now available to the public!

  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Oct 31, 2010 at 16:10 UTC - 0 likes

    Voting system now in beta, see the voting system ticket.

  • Avatar of Fearendon Fearendon Oct 30, 2010 at 10:17 UTC - 0 likes

    I forgot that candidates are already sorted within the list, so that makes the color options irrelevant.

    However some indication how many of the maximum number of votes are in would be nice, maybe change the vote request button to "X/X votes in" during the voting process?

    For the miss-click issue, I'd like to suggest that you delay sorting by vote until the viewer has voted. This would make the voting simpler, you could use the buttons without any second step, and more importantly it would make the view less "jumpy" and easier to read during the voting process. The other sorting priorities should still be active of course. And I think it makes more sense to sort by Vote then MinEP, Bid, etc. because if a loot council should decide someone below MinEP gets an item it obviously doesn't matter to them. And maybe add an option to hide votes until the viewer voted, so you can't get influenced.

    I opened a ticket for skinner support, if I find anything relevant I'll add it there.

    Last edited Oct 30, 2010 by Fearendon
  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Oct 30, 2010 at 09:34 UTC - 0 likes


    Thanks for your message! Today i will be getting a second wow account so i can test this stuff more reliably. Thats probably why it is only working on the master looter part properly, because thats the only thing i could test for myself. For the monitor part i had to rely on input from other players who were kind enough to help me test.

    I love your suggestions about having buttons in the voting column, i will surely try to implement that! However, sorting of the list is changed dynamically when someone makes a vote. So in theory it could be possible that on the instant you click a button, the sorting gets changed and you accidentally vote for a different person. The popup windows will prevent this situation. I could also make a confirm popup, something in the likes of "Are you sure you want to vote for Candidate?".

    Atm the default sort is MinEP, Vote, Bid, Response, PR, Roll. Therefore folks above minEP and the most votes will always appear on top. I don't think i will implement the color stuff because the meaning of the colors isn't quite self evident imho.

    About Skinner support: i have no idea atm... I will take a look at it when i have time. I don't have much free time, so don't expect it to be implemented before cata. Could you please open a new ticket, so i don't forget? Thanks!

    Last edited Oct 30, 2010 by mackatack
  • Avatar of Fearendon Fearendon Oct 30, 2010 at 07:16 UTC - 0 likes

    Tested it out, the number of votes doesn't seem to get updated properly while monitoring. Your own vote isn't counted every time and if anyone changes votes it messes everything up. However it seems to work fine for the Masterlooter and I would say it is usable.

    For suggestions, I'd use the vote-column for voting. Once the ML requests votes buttons appear for every candidate (one button in every row of the vote column) with a "0" or "(0)" indicating the current number of votes. Once you click the button, the small green ready-check check mark is added in front of the number to indicate who you voted for. A tooltip on mouse over could show who voted the candidate. The color of the vote number could be used to indicate when enough people voted. Green once a majority voted for the candidate (doesn't matter whether everyone has voted), yellow (or a yellowish green) once everyone has voted but no candidate received a majority of votes, orange (or yellow) for a tie (once everyone has voted) and red otherwise. Only the highest number(s) of votes should get a different color than red, just for clarification. To make it more clear what to do, the initial text on the vote buttons could be "Vote (0)" and once you voted all the other buttons could change to "Re-vote (0)", depending on whether the option to change your vote is enabled or not. Another option would be to have the ready-check question mark on every button at the start, and change the current vote to the check mark. If you can change your vote the question marks could stay on the other buttons, otherwise they could be removed or replaced by crosses.

    Just a few ideas on how you could do the UI-part, otherwise great addition :)

    On a completely unrelated note, how much effort would it be to make this addon skinner-compatible?

    Last edited Oct 30, 2010 by Fearendon: clarifications
  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Oct 29, 2010 at 20:38 UTC - 0 likes

    If you have time to try out the alpha with the basic voting system, please let me know your results and suggestions!

  • Avatar of mackatack mackatack Oct 27, 2010 at 15:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Some progress, check out version 0.5.5-beta:

    Bidding system implemented
    Players below minEP will now have red EP values on the master looter panel
    Option to only send monitor messages to specific guildranks

    Voting system will be implemented soon (tm) :P

Do you like EPGPLootmaster? (If you have comments, pls add one :P)

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