FarmIt Command Reference

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This is a list of commands for use in-game. Type "/farmit" followed by the desired command.
For example: "/farmit grow 1 R" sets item bar number 1 to horizontal mode, growing out to the right.



  Show the help window.

options | config

  Show the configuration window.


  Reset the mod to default settings.

show {#}

  Toggle visibility of a button group, by bar number.
  Shows/hides all bars at once if no number given.

lock {#}

  Prevent a button group from being moved, by bar number.
  Locks the position of the entire addon if no bar number is given.

scale {%} {#}

  Change the visual scale of the addon, in decimal format: 1.25 = 125%.
  If a bar number is given, only that bar will be scaled.

alpha {#} {#}

  Change the opacity of the addon, in decimal format, from 0 (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque).
  If a bar number is given, only that bar will be changed.

alerts {chat|screen|sound}

  Toggle alerts ON/OFF by type.
  For example: '/farmit alerts screen' enables/disables on-screen announcements.
  If no option is given, the current state of all alert settings will be displayed.

tooltip {bar|button|currency}

  Enable/disable display of FarmIt's tooltips, by category.
  For example, to disable the tooltip on all bar *anchors*, you would type: /farmit tooltip bar

currency {show|scale|alpha}

    Toggle display of the currency bar.

    Change the visual scale of the currency bar, in decimal format: 1.25 = 125%.

    Change the opacity of the currency bar, in decimal format, from 0 (invisible) to 1.0 (opaque).

  If no option is present (ie: '/farmit currency'), toggles all currency tracking features ON/OFF at once. (per character)

group {add|remove}

    Adds a new bar (there is a limit of 24 bars total).
    New bars start with 12 buttons (4 of them showing) with a limit of 48 buttons per bar.

  remove {#}
    Followed by the bar number of the button group you wish to delete.
    This permanently destroys the group and all of its buttons!
    If no bar number is given, the last bar that was created (highest number) will be deleted.

    Prints a list of all existing bar ID's. Useful if you have hidden individual bars.

size {#} {#}

  Set the total number of buttons available on a given bar. There is a limit of 48 buttons per bar.
  For example: '/farmit size 1 10' would configure bar number one to have ten total buttons available on it.
  Setting a bar to a smaller size will permanently delete any extra buttons.
  To simply hide some button spaces on a bar without destroying them,
  click on the 'quick size' buttons (+/-) on the bar anchor.

grow {#} {L|R|U|D}

  Controls the direction that a button group grows: (L)eft, (R)ight, (U)p, (D)own
  For example: '/farmit grow 1 R' sets bar #1 to horizontal mode, growing to the right.

style {default|minimal}

  Choose a visual style (requires UI reload):
    'default' is meant to match the stock WoW interface.
    'minimal' is a clean look that goes better with addons like Bartender.

  If you feel adventurous, you can edit FarmIt2_Style.lua to add your own graphical themes.

tpl {save|load|delete|list}

  save {#} {name}
    Saves all the items in a given bar as a farming template for use again later.
    Specify the bar number you want to save, followed by a template name (no spaces in the name).

  load {#} {category} {name}
    Loads a saved item set (template) into the specified bar, by name (or category and name).

  delete {name}
    Deletes a user created template, by name.
    To show all existing user templates, type: /farmit tpl list

  list {category}
    Specify a category to list the available bar templates it contains.
    Categories are: WOW, TBC, WOTLK, CATA. If no category is given, user created templates will be listed.


  Rebuilds ALL data tables and reloads the UI.
  Only use this if you are having problems with saved data like templates, etc.
  WARNING: This will wipe out all your bars, preferences, and saved templates!


Date created
Dec 31, 2010
Last updated
May 02, 2015