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FDLoot Bid Frame

The guild Fast and Deadly (EU-Ambossar) prefers for Suicide Kings loot system and we encountered the WoW Addon SKG developed by Zhinjio. It´s a very nice addon, but we wanted to change many things to individually implent it to our guild. We startet our own loot system with advanced features for personal use inside the guild. Because we got a lot of request to the modified features, we have decided to put the new FD Lootsystem for other guilds to provide. At our Realm the Lootsystem is very popular and is a good alternative to the famous DKP-System.

- easy use of one config line in the guild note
- small and logic user interface
- fast sync between the FDLoot admins
- other players without the addon can use many features with wisper commands

First configuration
That you can use FDLoot, you must set the Security settings in your guild infomation (Social Screen -> Guild Tab -> Guild Information button).
In a configuration line you set the rang which you need that you are a FDLoot Admin, the Guildleader is default a FDLoot Admin.


The R:x portion of the string above defines the ranks.


Date created
Jan 19, 2010
Last update
Jan 31, 2010
Development stage
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MIT License
Recent files
  • R: r37 for 3.3.0 Jan 31, 2010
  • A: r36 for 3.3.0 Jan 31, 2010
  • A: r35 for 3.3.0 Jan 31, 2010
  • A: r34 for 3.3.0 Jan 24, 2010
  • A: r33 for 3.3.0 Jan 24, 2010