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Dedicated to Spycy...the inspiration for this AddOn and love of my life :)

Author: Kinyen (THE original) eMail: [email protected]

This AddOn allows party or raid members to put you on auto-follow - useful for people who suddenly go AFK without telling anyone. This AddOn is especially useful for those who two-box; it makes driving a lot easier :).

Normally, players can auto-follow any other player, but since this AddOn allows other people to control you, it purposely is restricted to members of your party or raid.

FollowMe is different from FollowTheLeader in that it requires the follow commands to be at the beginning of whisper (i.e. "!follow"). That way if someone is whispering directions to you like "Simply follow the path south", you won't automatically start following them. :)

These commands are supported: "/fm announce" - announces to your party that you have this AddOn. "/fm enable" - Allows others to put you on auto-follow. "/fm disable" - Does not allow others to put you on auto-follow. "/fm tellgroup [on | off]- Turns on (or off) the sending of auto-follow messages to your group. "/fm status" - Reports the status of FollowMe (enabled, disabled, who is being followed).

If someone wishes to put you on auto-follow, they simply need to send a whisper (usually via a macro button) with "!follow". When the AddOn sees this command, it will attempt to auto-follow the whisper sender.

The received whisper can be one of: "!follow" - Puts auto-follow on the whisper sender "!status" - whispers the status (enabled/disabled and AddOn version) to the sender. If following, will report who is being followed.

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    kinyen, go to pages, then main and edit to change the main page. I changed this one for you based on your report.



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