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okay to start. I'd like it to be understood I haven't used the older version so if i come up with repeat ideas from it ignore them.

One idea i have. Make sure to include all the character notes and which characters the notes are from.
Also, add an additional note section for each person. That would especially be useful for people who do a lot of raid pugging across their toons.
Plus, a unique feature that can perhaps auto invite members from the list into a calender event? or something relative. (similar to how i can create a guild event and allow them to just sign up. something that can even alert people of an event I create?)
Also, section for each friend that can record the person class/spec which can be edited and have enough space to include multiple specs for a person's toon.

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    OK that's a lot! :) I will start with saying that although I don't think FriendsMonitor currently works it is NOT dead and these ideas sound good so I will add them once I get time. I am currently having a break from addon dev over xmas and new year and then I will get back in it. Currently I am working on [[|WorldExplorer]] which is my biggest addon (programming time wise) and once I have got the new version out I am going to get back onto the other addons I have like FriendsMonitor! :) I may split this into several smaller tickets so it's easier to keep track of them when I do get around to it and I suspect some of the ideas I have already done (like the notes) but that was before came out so god knows what works now! LOL So to sum up: Thanks! I will use them as soon as I have time! :D [[|Subscribe to the tickets here]] to get told when that is! :)
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